The Internet – Hive Mind Album Review

Track List

Come Together
Come Over
La Di Da
Stay the Night
Next Time/ Humble Pie
It Gets Better (With Time)
Look What U Started
Wanna Be
Beat Goes On
Hold On



There’s something uniquely satisfying about American R&B group The Internet’s music. Blending soulful melodies with a chilled, relaxing vibe, Hive Mind is simply a really impressive album and one well worth listening to. Although a lot of the songs tend to bleed into one another late on, whether you’re studying, relaxing or listening intently, Hive Mind is an album that caters for all.

Starting as it means to go on, The Internet’s fourth studio album begins with an injection of funky soul and hypnotically appealing vocals from lead singer Syd. The lyrics are uplifting and positive, reinforced by the chilled guitar strums that blend seamlessly with the rest of the production. From here the album swings happily from one melodically chilled track to the next, all the while filling the sound waves with feel-good vibes and tight production skills.

In an endless sea of auto-tuned vocals, manufactured productions and mind-numbing meaningless lyrics, The Internet feel like a breath of fresh air in the R&B genre. Tracks like La Di Da and It Gets Better (With Time) do such a good job diversifying the album with harsh, discordant drum-heavy track Bravo showing off a different style of sound.

Of course, because of how heavily focused Hive Mind is toward chilled vibes there is a slight feeling of fatigue toward the end of the album. That’s not to say Hive Mind is bad of course (there are some really strong tracks here) but it’s also worth noting as some of the tracks tend to blend together if you listen to this for the constant 58 minute run time.

Hive Mind is simply a very impressive album. With pure R&B vibes, tight production and compositional skills and some gorgeous lyrical work, The Internet pull off another great album to add to their discography. While some of the later tracks tend to feel quite similar in style, Hive Mind is a great R&B album and shows just why this group are so good in this genre.

  • Verdict - 9/10