Hit-Monkey – Season 1 Episode 10 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The End: Part Two

With the polls closing and a new Prime Minister about to be announced, the final episode of Hit-Monkey serves as the closing part of this crazy two-parter.

The cards are stacked against our hero and ghost, especially when Shinji is announced as the new Prime Minister. Of course, this revelation comes right off the back of Monkey realizing that Ozu isn’t the real enemy here – it’s Shinji! Many people will have seen this coming from a mile off but it’s certainly a dramatic twist nonetheless.

How does Monkey intend to reach Shinji?

Now, in order for Monkey to finish his mission he needs to work his way through the Tokyo police force, defeat Yuki and Silver Samurai, scale a massive skyscraper, try and take out Lady Bullseye and then kill Shinji before he gets away. Phew, that’s not going to be easy.

Bryce serves as a welcome distraction, showing up and encouraging Yuki to join their cause. Using Yuki as a conduit, Bryce communicates to Haruka about Shinji’s betrayal and implores her to help stop him before it’s too late.

Chaos soon breaks out as Monkey is spotted while trying to sneak in through a food-cart. Silver Samurai squares off against Yuki and Monkey but as Monkey is separated from the ghostly spirit, smashing through the windows of the skyscraper, he’s left to his own devices.

Does Lady Bullseye die?

Ominously, the elevator door opens and both Bryce and Monkey step inside. When the doors open again, they present Lady Bullseye, who waits for them both. With things looking bleak, Haruka arrives and serves as a nice distraction, despite getting hit in the shoulder. It also allows Monkey and Bryce to get regroup.

Bryce manages to redeem himself when Lady Bullseye finds them and fights, using salt to help his physical form. Bryce immediately grabs hold of Lady Bullseye while Haruka shows and gets revenge for Ito’s death all those episodes ago. Lady Bullseye is left to bleed out.

Up on the roof, and realizing his time is coming to an end, Shinji admits the truth to Akiko. Bonsai Master suggested Shinji take Ken’s side and he was convinced to let Ken get killed for him to ascend. Essentially Ken was the martyr to let this whole plan come to fruition. Only, Monkey’s interjection changed all that. And wouldn’t you know it, Monkey suddenly shows up, ready to get his revenge.

Does Akiko become the new Lady Bullseye? What happens to Shinji?

Haruka and Akiko both stand in Monkey’s way, convincing him not to do this. Bryce is the one who convinces his buddy not to fire, encouraging the guy to give himself a happy ending instead.

Bryce’s genuine selflessly suddenly sees him ascend as it seems like the doors to the afterlife are finally open. When he disappears from view, Haruka looks set to arrest Shinji. Only, Shinji suddenly brandishes a gun and turns it on the two women. Monkey thinks fast and shoots the Prime Minister before he can get a shot away, killing him instantly.

Akiko is angry and upset at Monkey, screaming at our protagonist in venomous rage. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and as we see from the end sequence of this series, more is to come. As Akiko mourns Shinji’s death, she looks over Lady Bullseye’s corpse and takes her mask for herself. It looks like Akiko is now going to be the new Lady Bullseye.

How does Hit Monkey Season 1 end?

Monkey meanwhile, stays with Haruka, burying his gun as the pair set out to try and clear his name. Only, Bryce suddenly appears again. He’s back, after being in the Afterlife, and has also decided to stick by Monkey’s side for the time being. Interestingly though, he can now move things with his mind, inhabiting Poltergeist-esque abilities. They definitely need some refining though!

The Episode Review

Hit-Monkey has been a surprise hit on Hulu, coming out of nowhere and delivering 10 episodes of bloody violence and sharp wit. Now, it won’t be for everyone and the story is perhaps a little predictable and basic. Anyone else figure out Shinji was the real culprit behind everything back at the start of the season?

Beyond that though, this final episode does a decent job of bringing everything together; all the villains and characters we’ve been following across the 10 episodes are given some real closure.

Seeing Haruka kill Lady Bullseye and getting her revenge for Ito’s killing is a nice way of rounding things out too, while Bryce’s selflessness is enough to warrant him a ticket to the afterlife…which he decides not to take in favour of sticking by Monkey’s side.

The dynamic duo have been somewhat of an enigma, flirting that line between annoying and comedy gold. Sudeikis essentially does his same bit he always does as Bryce, and while there are some good jokes in here, some people may be put off by this.

However, the actual story and the episodic nature of these different assassinations make this a welcome change of pace. The ending also hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come if this is renewed too. For now though, the ending concludes an important chapter in Monkey’s life on a high.


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