Hitch & Go – A Place That Doesn’t Exist | Album Review

Track List

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
Nervous Wreck
Dragged Down
If I Fall
A Place That Doesn’t Exist
Find Yourself
When I’m Gone


There is a rage attached to this LP by Hitch & Go. The Canadian band also bolsters their music with hooks and well-serviced guitar riffs, which work perfectly, and are technical in their delivery. The album isn’t just pieced together for a dramatic effect, it actually has substance, and in general evokes a rush; a punk aura which wouldn’t look out of place in the 90s.

A Place That Doesn’t Exist seamlessly powers on as a punk record full of vigour and intent, as well as railing against the grain in terms of lyrical content.

The act do not want to be shut down or have their thoughts and voices suppressed, they want to be heard through speakers, radios, live settings. Their music isn’t for the pop effect, it’s truly stuck to the ugliness of punk rock; the underside of punk rock and its scabby layer – and that’s okay.

Hitch And Go aren’t your typical poster boys of punk. They’re a DIY unit, spearheading their riff infused music to the people who choose to be involved. Those who choose to be invigorated by sharp riffs and points of view. For punk to be sustainable, we need more bands like this, bands that keep the ball rolling, the tables turning, and the lights on.

A Place That Doesn’t Exist opens with ‘Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing.’ The riff is enthralling, and the percussion blasts open new levels of sound. The battle scars are showing here, and the chorus bubbles with intensity. A true punk staple emerges.

‘Dragged Down’ doesn’t let up, and the sound becomes louder and louder until the world nearly combusts. It’s volatile, but engrossing. ‘Find Yourself’ is beautifully composed too, and the ethos of punk isn’t lost here. The demand and the struggle to fit in is explored so well.

Hitch & Go ultimately prevail as a punk outfit with much to say, and their LP is a nod to the pivotal albums of the past.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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