Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 9 “Search & Destroy” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Search & Destroy

Episode 9 of Hit and Run begins with Segev being taken out of town with Sophie’s Father. The assassin in his house happened to be looking for information from Sophie and Segev just got in the way. All of this happened by accident. He was never after her in the first place.

However, Segev has bigger fish to fry right now. Reece wants the notebook, and that includes Segev calling Naomi for help. Only, all of this is an elaborate set-up. Reece figures this out at the last second, with his best man on the floor unconscious and Segev on the run.

Naomi meanwhile, uses her contacts at the New York Magazine to start looking into Sophie’s death. Well, Segev shows up at her office, trying to find his ex, and drops off a food delivery. The message is simple “eyes on you.”

Realizing she’s being watched, Naomi skips out her office and tries too get away. Only, she’s most certainly being followed as a bald man starts tailing her. It’s not Segev, although the adjacent bus she skips on happens to house him there.

Now, excusing the fact that Segev is very much a wanted man right now and the police force are all scrambling to find him, the pair walk down the busy sidewalks of New York and discuss what to do next. Segev wants the notebook but Naomi is refusing to give it up.

Well, Segev heads to Naomi’s office and takes the notebook for himself – but not before a rather frosty greeting with Frank. Anyway, as Segev rings Mossad and tries to strike a deal, Naomi gets to the bottom of this encrypted code.

Speaking to Detective Newkirk, she finds out that this is relating to The First Family. Chronos is POTUS, Cheetah’s the daughter and Cobra is the son-in-law. So who’s Rat? Well, these seem to be initials. Specifically relating to “Remote Access Trojan.”

It seems like the Israelis are spying on the White House and Sophie figured this out. This explains just why she was killed by Mossad. Just as Naomi cracks the code, she’s grabbed and taken away by armed men who work for Tamir.

This is just the bargaining chip the Israeli needs to organize a trade with Segev. Of all people, Segev heads over to Isaac and asks him for help. Understandably, he’s not budging.

With Segev out of options, he succumbs to Tamir’s wishes. As he leaves, Henry ends up working with Newkirk to find Naomi and bring her back. But it’s not those two who come to Segev’s aid.. It’s Isaac! He ploughs a truck straight into the side of them, allowing Segev to go free.

With a gun and a truck, Segev finally finds Tamir and Naomi. It’s a stand off, with both refusing to budge. Tamir was the one who originally called in the hit, killing Sophie. However, Reece suddenly shows up and holds a gun of his own, turning the tide of battle.

He forces Segev to give up his gun as it’s revealed that Reece and Tamir are actually working together. Without much of a choice, he’s forced to hand over Sophie’s notebook. Only, Reece double-crosses Tamir, shooing him in cold blood, Giving up his numerical advantage, Naomi and Segev both take out Reece. The pair decide to split up, with Segev imploring Naomi to get the notebook published while he flees.

Back in Israel, Tali finds Shira dead out in the yard, a bullet through her skull. Ella is gone too, leaving lots of question marks over who’s behind this. Tali rings Segev and gives him the bad news, confirming that Ella is gone and Shira has been killed. As Segev screams to the heavens, the series comes to a close on an almighty cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

Well, I hope this show is renewed for a second season! Despite some plot contrivances and a coupe of slower chapters, this was one heck off a thrill ride.

The final episode sees some home truths come to light too, including the loose alliance between Reece and Tamir. Understanding that Tamir was behind Sophie’s death and seeing this big stand off at the end is certainly a shocking moment and a great way to bring all the action to a suspenseful close. However, it’s also one that throws up some question marks around the validity of this team up.

This alliance between Newkirk and Henry ultimately fizzles out into nothing too, which is a shame, while the situation involving Ella and Shira is ultimately left under-developed due to the focus and changed direction to New York. But who did take Ella? At a guess it seems like it was Mossad but we’ll have to wait and see if this holds any weight going forward.

For now, Hit and Run bows out with a really solid final episode and lots of tantalizing glimpses at what could be if this is renewed.

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  1. Hit and Run.. Essential to have a next Sesson… we pay for our Subscription and Season one was well written, intriguing, worthwhile . Hope they reconsider- we , the viewing audience, need closure,

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