Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 8 “Prose & Cons” Recap & Review

Prose & Cons

Episode 8 of Hit and Run begins with Segev behind bars. It’s bleak, he needs to keep his wits about him, and he’s certainly not in the mood to negotiate with Detective Newkirk. However, Newkirk wants to know the full story.

After mentioning Ron’s son, Segev encourages the man to speak to Naomi. Before that, he confirms Mossad ordered the hit against him and Ron. The man he’s unable to identify is actually one of their agents.

Back in Israel, Tali learns that Omer is part of Mossad. He tries to convince her that he’s on her side but Tali struggles to trust him after the deception.

Meanwhile, Naomi goes to her boss and tries to convince them to publish what she’s found out. She’s worried about Segev’s wellbeing and believes this is the only way to save his life.

In prison, Tamir arrives to visit Segev. There, he confirms he’s from the Israeli consulate. He’s well informed of Segev’s situation but Segev himself refuses to play ball. In fact, his day in court comes and with Naomi and Tamir in attendance, his bail is denied after pleading not-guilty.

Detective Newkirk is there too and he runs into Naomi outside. He’s doubtful on his story, until Naomi shows off the Sophie Dreyer material and how she was working with the CIA. This soon changes his tone, as Newkirk heads off with a lot to think about- especially as Naomi asks for Segev to be put in protective custody.

Elsewhere, Tali brings Assaf out to a secluded area where Omer is held captive. She wants him to help loosen his lips. Given Assaf’s history with prisoner interrogation, it doesn’t take long for him to get some answers. Ironically though, it seems Omer doesn’t actually know very much. However, given what’s transpired it does make Tali a target and Assaf encourages her to leave.

It doesn’t look good for Segev either, who heads out into the yard and finds himself attacked by another inmate. Segev is left a bloody mess on the ground too, just as Detective Newkirk realizes what Naomi has said rings true. As he scrambles to make sure this happens, Naomi finds herself hitting a proverbial brick wall at the magazine, given her boss won’t budge.

In prison, Segev recovers from his injuries. However, he’s greeted by Sophie’s Father, Reece. Apparently Sophie always wanted Segev to find her notebook and despite being her Father, was actually her boss too. Sophie was recruited to obtain those classified files, but rang Reece one night to confirm a meeting between Assaf and a guy called Eitan Sharon.

When Assaf left, Sophie decided to follow from afar and watch this meeting play out. Thanks to some chatter on the Israeli side and a sliver of CCTV footage, Sophie found an opportune time to hit the jackpot. Sophie broke into Eitan’s car, stealing documents from the trunk and… killing an innocent man in cold blood for getting too close.

Knowing that she’s on borrowed time and that people would be after her, Danielle left those crucial clues in her notebook, coded up with the dance numbers. Her hesitation and desire to hang back and spend time with Segev and Ella was the reason she lost her life. Eitan and Mossad caught up with her and killed the woman.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Reece offers Segev a way out. If he hands over the notebook, he’ll get Segev out of prison and sort out a brand new identity and life for him. As Detective Newkirk rushes to the hospital ward, he heads in… and finds the place completely abandoned.

Meanwhile, Assaf drives out into the middle of the woods with Omer in the trunk. He puts a gun to his own throat and pulls the trigger.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Hit and Run slows the pace right down as we learn more about what happened in the past. Understanding everything about Danielle/Sophie and what consequently resulted in her death is a welcome inclusion and certainly surprising. At the same time, it also raises some pretty big questions about Sophie’s motivations.

If she always intended for Segev to obtain her notebook, why go through this whole goose chase to uncover the truth? Couldn’t she have kept the notebook in a drawer at her own house? It’s an absolutely massive stretch to believe her oblivious husband would go through all of this – especially as the catalyst for this was a sloppy assassin in the house one night.

Despite that though, the ending with Sophie’s Father giving Segev an ultimatum is a nice way to inject some drama going into the final episode.

Furthermore, seeing the attention shift to Naomi and Tali instead, racing to try and uncover the truth and free Segev, offers a slightly different dynamic that works quite well.

everything is resting on this finale now and quite how this one will end remains to be seen.

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  1. You’ve got it all wrong. Reece isn’t her father. That’s her cover and she uses the cover and code phrases when talking him on the phone. She didn’t expect Segev to find the notebooks. She expected to arrive in New York the next day and retrieve them herself. Geez.

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