Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 7 “Part & Parcel” Recap & Review

Part & Parcel

Episode 7 of Hit and Run wastes absolutely no time, picking up right where we left off from before. Segev is a man possessed, hell bent on revenge. He rings Shira and warns her. She can’t trust the police and needs to get out the house with Ella as soon as possible. After hanging up, he breaks the bad news about Ron to Jenny and her son.

Meanwhile, Frank heads home and finds Naomi gone. She’s outside Segev’s place though and eventually learns everything about Ron and his attack. Segev is convinced that Mossad are involved and pushes Naomi away, scared that she may be next. However, Naomi refuses to leave… so Segev kisses her. Oof, time and a place mate! It definitely doesn’t go down well and she leaves.

After her scare last episode, Tali is actually okay. However, she’s bored out her mind after being suspended and understandably still mad at Segev. However, Assaf then rings, calling back about Sophie/Danielle. He wants to strike a deal with Tali and suggests they meet to trade information.

Out in the open, Tali is understandably distrusting toward him. Well, it turns out Assaf was actually an intelligence liaison to the head of the National Security Council. He was the one who learned Mandel was leaking information to reporters ad his job involved silencing whistleblowers and those willing to speak up any way possible.

Danielle/Sophie used her relationship with Asaf to extract information. Someone (Sophie) stole classified information regarding surveillance on American targets and it seems like that’s why she was taken out.

Back in New York, the detectives show up at the scrapyard and find the place has been wiped down for fingerprints while Ron and the special agent are lying dead. However, an eyewitness does confirm Segev’s appearance at the scene, which obviously puts him at a serious disadvantage.

Well, it doesn’t stop Segev showing up at the dance studio, claiming to be a PhD student. He shows off Sophie’s journal, including all the different dance numbers. The teacher starts deciphering the different moves and stops on one page. Apparently this one in particular is slightly irregular.

On this, it uses an old form of notation and some of the symbols are even written sideways. It seems to be a code of some sort but what it means is still unknown.

The traffic cam footage only compounds more evidence against Segev, linking him to the nightclub incident several nights back too. The investigators put out a call to all officers in the New York area, which sees Segev forced to flee again.

He heads back to Naomi and shows her the journal. Working together, they uncover exactly what the message spells out. The words used are “Chronos. Cheetah. Cobra. Rat.”

At the same time, Frank uses a private detective to learn more about Segev. He learns about his past, including his ties with Yaman (a private mercenary group) and what he was up to in Mexico as well.

As Frank closes in on the truth, law enforcement do too, as they find Segev and eventually arrest him. Of course, we knew this was going to happen given the opening scene in the first episode.

Meanwhile, Tamir rings Omer… who’s actually working for him! He wants Omer to bring Tali to him, despite her being six months pregnant. Just as he looks set to do that, Tali holds a gun up to him and demands the truth.

For Segev, things look bleak. He’s handcuffed, has his gear taken away and finds himself locked up. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

As we fast approach the end of the season, more revelations come to light about what’s going on. It seems like Sophie stole classified information while working for the CIA and that made her a target for Israeli authorities.

Meanwhile, Ron’s death sees the detectives given another breadcrumb that links directly to Segev and subsequently sees him behind bars. This was perhaps a little obvious and in a way, the opening scene to the first episode now seems ill-placed in hindsight. Why show a big twist like this when it could have been a really dramatic reveal here?

Either way, it seems like things are very bleak for Segev and it’ll be up to Naomi and Tali to try and bust him out. Will they succeed though? This one is poised precariously on a knife edge!

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