Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 6 “Hide & Seek” Recap & Review

Hide & Seek

Episode 6 of Hit and Run begins with Segev on the subway. But he’s not alone. He tries hard to evade law enforcement, eventually double backing to the airport and out the front. With Tali keeping watch over Ella, she feeds back this sliver of good news to Segev. For now, his daughter is safe.

Segev manages to cleverly talk his way into snapping a photo with Martin’s real wife. It turns out Martin’s real name is actually Reece Wakefield too. When he receives the selfie from Segev, he contacts Naomi and sets up a meet with Segev.

Elsewhere, Naomi opens up to Frank and reveals everything about Segev and what’s been happening. Frank is understandably worried and tells her she needs to careful sniffing around CIA activity.

With this in mind, Naomi sets up the meeting with Ron and Segev, reminding the latter that he needs to make sure Reece doesn’t die. If he does then it could well be classed as treason.

Back in Israel, Assaf packs up his stuff ready to leave. However, he immediately heads over to Syd’s place and frantically checks for recording equipment. Unfortunately he finds a spy camera and his worst fears are felt. He’s been bugged.

After her antics several episodes ago, Tali is called in to her boss’ office and subsequently suspended for using his computer. She immediately rings Segev and blames him for lumping her with the fallout from his antics. It’s all too much for Tali to deal with and she ends up in hospital.

As the meeting begins, Naomi is forced to stall for time while Ron and Segev are attacked en-route by a couple of shady motorists. Ron is badly injured and subsequently dies from blood loss. Because of this delay, Reece runs out of patience and leaves. Just before he does, he claims he doesn’t know who Sophie Dreyer is.

Meanwhile, Segev mourns the loss of his friend while beating down one of the men following him. He claims Segev’s wife was a traitor as Segev answers a call from his phone. He promises revenge, setting things up nicely for the remaining chapters.

The Episode Review

As we fast approach the business end of this season, Hit and Run starts to pump the accelerator for an episode of non-stop action and thrills. With Ron now dead and the noose tightening around those responsible for killing Sophie, it remains to be seen just how far Segev will go to uncover the truth.

There’s a lot we still don’t know but I’m sure secrets will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. In the meantime though, Hit and Run delivers another enthralling chapter.

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