Hijack – Season 1 Episode 7 “Brace Brace Brace” Recap & Review

Brace Brace Brace

Episode 7 of Hijack begins with the woman following some ominous instructions. Is she about to crash the plane? 3000 ft is a low altitude and that possibility seems likely to happen. All the hijackers except Stuart have been overpowered. Sam repeatedly asks Stuart if he knows who the woman is. But he has no idea. They are in the front of the plane and the angry mob of passengers led by Jonty, the ex-convict, menacingly make their way forward. Sam asks Stuart to give him the only loaded gun on the plane (except the woman’s) and he does.

Who is the woman? What is her objective?

Sam stops Jonty and explains the unfolding situation. From the reaction of Jaime and Stuart, it seems like the woman was a failsafe: a guarantee for the job to be done in any which way possible. She is the eyes and ears of the organization making sure the hijackers are doing their job.

At the Collingwood office, there are increasing speculations that the purpose of the hijacking was not for the release of the men. It was to fuel the short trade that could have earned potentially millions for the Cheapside Firm if Flight 29 crashed.

Marsha informs Daniel about the strange call she received from the men confirming Sam’s address. Daniel immediately takes a car and rushes to the spot. The lady who has taken over is Amanda, who was sitting next to Sam at the start of the show. He tries to contact her in the pit but she removes the telephone connection. The passengers start noticing that the flight has changed course and is heading towards a crash. 

Do the authorities decide to shoot Flight 29 down?

The Royal Airforce is sending jets like the Hungarians did, and now the responsibility to order rests with Louise and Neil.

The coppers reach Sam’s house and one of the cleaners talks to them. He tries to make an excuse as Kai tries to get out. The other cleaner points a gun at his head and quietens him. The police are convinced that nothing is wrong and they leave.

Sam calls Alice using Kacey’s phone. He lies at first about “who is flying the plane,” fearing that if they know the passengers aren’t in control, the RAF will shoot it down.

Alice demands that Sam tell her the truth if they want help and he does. Louise and Neil discuss what to do with the plane. The former is nervous and cannot decide. Neil assures her that whatever happens in the aftermath will be on his head; good or bad. Louise gathers courage and takes it in her hands. She advises the PM not to shoot the plane down and evacuate key areas in the city to give them the best chance of survival. 

The jets are instructed not to engage and they disperse. Alice is in constant contact with Sam. Meanwhile, John and Edgar are at an unknown location. The speculation that this was all a ploy to short the publicly listed shares of the airline turns out to be true. Edgar says they earn “18 million for every drop in penny.”

How does Kai send Daniel the signal he is in trouble?

Daniel calls Kai and the cleaners pick it up. They ask him to turn down Daniel but Kai cleverly intimates him that he is in trouble. He refers to the “bike he was using that morning.” In reality, the bike is a stationary bike that Kai was seen riding in episode 1. Daniel even commented positively on it and that is how he remembers. Later, he is rescued by the detective. 

What is the real purpose of the hijacking?

Alec, whom we only saw in action in episode 1 bringing the guns onto the plane, finally gets up and goes to the cockpit. He tells Sam that Amanda won’t open the door or talk to them as the organization is holding her family hostage. Alec’s family is also taken hostage. John presses Edgar to leave on the helicopter waiting for them before the police come there. They have made enough money. But Edgar keeps waiting for more drops in the price. Amanda keeps messaging Edgar for instructions and grows anxious when nothing is forthcoming. 

John decides to shoot Edgar dead and complete the trade. He calls Devilin to execute it. Alec is the trader who made the short bet for the organization. He believes the hijacking should have been over by now. All the different passengers call their loved ones on the phone in anticipation of what’s coming. Sam writes to Amanda on a paper, “What would Elodie want?” Elodie is Amanda’s daughter whom Hugo discovers on Amanda’s phone. Amanda turns out to be an aviation consultant who knows her way around the plane. 

Hijack Episode 7 Ending Explained:

How does Sam convince Amanda to let him inside the cockpit?

She finally cracks down and tearily calls Sam. He tries to calm her down and drill the realization that she did all of it for her family just like any one of them would do in her place. Amanda reveals that she was to land the plane once the terrorists had closed their short trade. But she hasn’t got the message yet. And in this case, she is supposed to crash the plane. Sam tries to convince her that the organization would kill Elodie irrespective of what Amanda does and tells her she can save many lives if she lands it. Amanda agrees to let him into the cockpit.

Alice is called by Sam and she will be instructing Sam and Amanda on how to land the plane. But she is unwilling to cooperate until she gets assurances she will not be arrested. Niel is connected by Alice and he gives Amanda his word.

The plane is out of fuel and at an altitude of 1500 ft, 315 degrees. Just a thought: why isn’t Anna Kovacs brought into the pit? Wouldn’t she have all the bearings of what to do in the situation? She is the second pilot, after all!  Anyway, she isn’t brought in and it is still Amanda and Alice working together.

Phillip, an old pastor, is pushed by his wife to get up and calm the nervy passengers down. He does so and they listen to him. Alice gets them an airstrip, albeit too short for a safe landing. But that is all they have got. Amanda and Sam do everything in their power to land it safely. On impact, the plane is badly damaged. The connection is lost… until Sam picks up the phone and informs everyone that they have landed all right.

Is Sam able to make it out of the plane?

Ambulances and fire trucks arrive at the spot and take over. All the passengers are safely escorted out. Camelia, who sits next to Alice, informs her that Bobby, Alice’s son, isn’t well and she needs to go to the school. Zahra confirms with the on-ground officer the identity of the hijackers. But Stuart is nowhere to be seen. The fourth guy is Alec (the one described as “with the beard”). Sam goes back inside to pick up the gift he got for Marsha and suddenly, the doors close. Stuart is still inside. He has guns in both his hands and calls out for Sam. 

Stuart has clearly lost it. The armed forces make their way into the plane. Sam messages Marsha to call his phone. It is a ploy to distract Stuart and he takes the bait. “Say cheese,” quips Sam as Stuart is on his knees with guns pointed at his head. Sam picks up his phone and finally gets off Flight 29. 

The Episode Review

Hijack ends with the strongest episode in its stellar lineup. Apple TV Plus has got a huge hit on its hands. The show’s finale lived up to the billing and resolved every last bit of detail, even with callbacks to the first episode. Elba’s magnificent anchor performance was gutsy and struck right at the heart of Hijack. And in terms of the show’s special effects, the team did a fantastic job and made everything believable. 

Sam’s last negotiations with Amanda and then landing the plane with her were truly heartstopping. Although we would have liked to see Sam reunite with his family and avoid the final showdown between Stuart and himself, it doesn’t affect our review of the finale overall. This is the best way the show could have ended and we have no complaints. 

We got everything we needed from Hijack’s episode 7. Our coverage of it ends here with a full season review and more news about a possible season 2 coming your way next. 

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4 thoughts on “Hijack – Season 1 Episode 7 “Brace Brace Brace” Recap & Review”

  1. Are you kidding?!! None of episode 7 was believable. The physics alone were impossible. Sam convinces Amanda to land safely. Neither even bothered to harness up. Instant death. Pilot is killed by Amanda who we are to believe can fly a commercial aircraft. Where did the qualified co pilot disappear to? Airplane crashes. No fire? Police having no clue to bad guy identities. Allow Sam to reboard without question. Airplane was evacuated, everyone lives BUT are disembarked on a rolling set of stairs that magically appear out on the runway. No deployment of evacuation chutes at all.

  2. Though I enjoyed the show, it didn’t resolve ‘every last bit of detail’. In fact, the ONLY detail it resolved was whether the plane would crash or land.
    -Who is Alec, who has his family, and how did he get involved? Presumably his family are all dead now?
    -Amanda-if ‘they’ were going to kill Elodie no matter what, surely it’s happened, no? Someone, somewhere was meant to be holding a gun on her or something. So…what happened?
    -John shot Edgar. Ok. Were they the masterminds? So now John gets all the money? Or…something else?
    -Youngjacker died. Blackjacker and Ladyjacker were captured. What happened to Oldjacker? Did they suffocate him?
    -Kalinda had photos of all the jackers-why didn’t the special forces surrounding the plane know what they looked like?
    -Sam just walked back on the plane? That’s kinda on fire? Really? And all the police and special forces on the ground just did nothing? Having NO CLUE who the hijackers actually were (they got one wrong, remember?) they just let everyone walk off the plane and what, walk away?
    -Speaking of walking off the plane, come on people. That thing crash landed like nobody’s business and yet everyone just walked away. Someone DIED in turbulence recently, and there are frequent reports of in-air turbulence that cause emergency landings for medical treatment, but all these people made it without a scratch? Even grandpa who desperately needed his insulin?
    -This criminal gang has tentacles that reach across to Dubai and who knows where else, but this is the end? What about the Dubai cleaning crew?
    -What happens to Sam and Marsha? Does she go back to him? What about Detective Dan?
    Finally, my nitpick. ‘Alice is called by Sam’…OMG this was an ACTION show and you’re using the most passive writing voice ever. SAM CALLED ALICE. There. Fixed it for you.

  3. “The show’s finale lived up to the billing and resolved every last bit of detail”

    “Although we would have liked to see Sam reunite with his family and avoid the final showdown between Stuart and himself, it doesn’t affect our review of the finale overall.”

    Every last bit of detail. Oh really?

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