Hijack – Season 1 Episode 6 “Comply Slowly” Recap & Review

Comply Slowly

Episode 6 of Hijack begins with the revelation that Kai has hidden himself from the cleaners – for now. But the clock is ticking and he is indeed in grave danger.

The Home Office has approved the release of John and Edgar. British Counterterrorism has hacked the GPS system of the vehicle given to the two terrorists to keep track of them. Edgar was clear in saying to the authorities that they did not want to be followed. Still, three cars were in close pursuit. John and Edgar stop and the latter gets out to hand Daniel a phone. He calls from the car and tells Daniel that the agreement has been broken, implying that “people might die in the plane.”

Stuart, who is shellshocked by Lewis’ death, is sent a message by Edgar. Jaime says they shouldn’t consider killing another passenger but Stuart is insistent. Sam notices Stuart uncharacteristically drawing the curtains to the cockpit and allied area. He goes to inspect and finds Stuart choking Deevia with a belt. He calmly persuades Stuart and Jaime to take a photo of the woman who was shot instead of killing another person. Jaime threatens Sam and Colette to help her take the photo.

Edgar sends it to Daniel, who informs everyone else about the developments. British Counterterrorism is sending units to all airfields where the car could be headed to. They don’t want to spook them again.

Kai tip-toes on the first floor of his house and overhears the cleaners saying that “Sam is the one causing all the trouble”. They need to stay at the house and put a “gun on the family’s head.”

Sam spreads the news about what he was just made to do and finally puts a foot down to say, “We must be on alert to take the plane over.” He asks Hugo to take out the pair of scissors he stole from the first aid kit to cut him loose. Stuart senses something and comes to inspect, but Sam is able to fool him by keeping his hands together.

Felix Statton, an independent journalist, is invited by a man called Devilin to a bar. Once there, Devilin reveals that two FTSE 100 companies, Kingdom Airlines and Macmillan Doyle, will suffer huge price fluctuations on the exchanges. The shares will collapse after the hijacking news is broken by Felix. The journalist had previously done something similar in a gas scandal. And Devilin wants him to do it again. Insider trading is illegal and Devilin leverages that prior knowledge about Felix to force him to publish in the next thirty minutes. 

Sam circles a phrase plastered on the tetra pack of a drink: “Get ready to shake things up.” He then circulates it around the plane to the passengers meaning they will attack the hijackers soon.

The title of the episode comes from Secretary Neil’s mouth when he mentions they should “comply slowly” and give Flight 29 every chance of landing before John and Edgar go astray. Well, there’s no need for that as Edgar and John hit a roadblock. It is not manifested by the authorities and is a genuine accident. But the terrorists think otherwise and Edgar warns Daniel of grave consequences if this isn’t cleared up.

Kai tiptoes around the house and somehow makes it to a room on the ground floor where he tries to contact emergency services. But because he is whispering, the operator cannot understand him. The situation is sorted though and units are on their way to the house.

The news about the hijacking breaks out. Everybody on the plane gets Sam’s message and they ready themselves to take action. The terrorists on the ground take an unexpected turn on a dirt road, surprising Daniel and Zahra. The FPCC believes they’re heading towards a nearby airfield.

Edgar messages Stuart to send another photo. Due to some unwilling passengers, Jaden catches the Tetra pack at the back of the plane. Stuart instantly recognizes Hugo was holding the pen in his mouth and targets him. But Sam gets up and assumes responsibility.

Louise and Neil have a fight about what to do with the fleeing terrorists, who have charted a plane to leave the UK. She has a sudden change of mind and asks the special forces to pull out but it is too late. They apprehend the terrorists. To the utter shock of the team, it turns out that the men in the vehicle aren’t the terrorists. They are decoys that were installed in the car when it briefly stopped midway. John and Edgar have already gotten out and taken a new car.

Stuart loses his mind in the plane after receiving the message and everybody maintains pin-drop silence. Stuart grabs a female passenger by her hair and drags her to the front of the plane. Sam grabs Stuart from behind and they jostle for the gun. Robin readies to lock himself in the cockpit. Terry is grabbed by the ex-criminal who shows more nerves than anybody else on the plane. Nobody tries to help these men.

Quite shockingly, a lady locks herself in the plane and is revealed to have a gun in her purse. She takes the gun in her hand and marches forward. She non-hesitantly shoots Robin in the head and locks herself in the cockpit. 

The Episode Review

What a twist in the dying moments! That lady definitely came out of nowhere. Hijack had an ace up its sleeve that has been unleashed at the perfect moment. The people trying to take back control was the only organic way to keep the story interesting. It has materialised in episode 6, albeit with a salty reminder of human idealism for self-preservation.

No one came forward to help Sam or the other man at all. We did see them preparing themselves with all sorts of everyday stuff that could be used as weapons. But when it was time to face the music, no one took action.

The finale of Hijack will be eagerly anticipated. It has all the makings to be the most-watched episode in the season. And if that happens with the show, you know they are doing something right! This story is alive and kicking. 

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  1. Really enjoying this series, but i wish the producers had been a bit more on to it with editing. For example in episode 6, cameraman in the window reflection and digital map with “Czech Republic” instead of “Czechia” on it.

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