High Water (2022) Season 1 Ending Explained – Who survives the flood?

What Comes Next

Episode 6 of Tremer begins with her buying those drugs and sitting down, wanting some peace. Half Boot arrives though and ends up scuffling with her, prompting Tremer to up and leave. In doing so, she runs into Klara, who happens to be in the hallway.

After embracing, the pair head up to the rooftop to talk. Klara wants to know about her mother but Tremer avoids the question, eventually deciding they should brave the water outside.

After an incident with Klara almost getting knocked under the water, they’re picked up by the French authorities. As they ride out, we see a snapshot of different townsfolk, each making the most of this horrible situation.

Marczak returns to the TV station after seeing the bodies at the morgue, and with the radio in hand. Given Klara wasn’t at the morgue, he’s still holding out hope that she could still be alive. He pleads with Ewa to put out some sort of broadcast the next time she’s on-air.

Thankfully, there’s no need for that as Klara shows up at the TV station later that afternoon, and her father is relieved that she’s alive.

Back home, the truth is unveiled. Jasmina admits that she thought it best for Klara not to have a mother at all rather than a shitty, absent one. “Well you thought wrong,” Says Klara.

In her bedroom, Jasmina admits that she’s a terrible mother but believes that she could try and turn into a cool friend for her. She even invites her over to the Netherlands to see where she’s living and meet the dogs too. The first step before that is for her to meet her mother.

Meanwhile, Andrzej Rębacz is arrested for air safety violations. There’s footage of him shooting a flare up at the copter and he’s come under fire for it. Although the residents in Kety are not happy and look set to riot, Andrezj goes quietly and agrees to the officers’ terms.

Off the back of this, floodwater starts to decrease and the residents work together to clear the water and form a community o overcome the tragedy befallen them.

How does High Water end?

We then skip forward ten months later. Tremer is back home again but she’s called off for another work assignment. Van Hoek isn’t exactly happy but Jasmina convinces him that everything will be okay and there won’t be another flood like the one they experienced 10 months back.

Jasmina shows up with Marczak for the hearing, where the latter meets that slimy minister, the one who dumped him earlier in the series. This time though Marczak holds his nerve and heads inside with Jasmina. Just before they both give their statements, passing Andrzej on the way, we learn that Jasmina is actually pregnant.

As the episode closes out, we learn that in the 1997 flood, 56 people died and 40,000 lost everything they had. The damages were estimated to be around 12 billion PLN; the biggest disaster Poland faced since World War II.

The Episode Review

So High Water rounds things out with relatively tepid and subdued chapter, one that works to close out the main plotlines nicely while giving a pretty conclusive account of everything that took place back in ’97.

While a little slow at times, the blend of fact and fiction is a nice touch and the overall political slant to this helps to show how much goes into trying to prepare for something like this, as well as the pitfalls to all those decisions that caused the flood to hit.

The show certainly has more than a few similarities to Five Days At Memorial, although this one feels a lot more concise and slow paced by comparison. Either way though, High Water has been an enjoyable watch.


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