Hightown – Season 2 Episode 9 “Small Craft Warning” Recap & Review

Small Craft Warning

Episode 9 of Hightown Season 2 starts with Alan and Jackie leading a big operation out in the woods. With sniffer dogs and a whole squadron of people, Alan leads the charge to try and find Daisy. However, they’re struggling to find anything. The harsh truth is they may never find Daisy, and with the search coming up fruitless, Jackie is forced to swallow her pride and call it a day.

Meanwhile, Renee continues to play with fire. She messages Ray to meet but also confirms that Frankie is acting weird.

Unfortunately, en-route to one of her meets with Ray, Frankie stops her and decides to fry her phone, throwing it in the microwave to make sure she’s not being tracked. Frankie clearly doesn’t trust her, and he has his bodyguard cling tightly to Renee, even following her to the drugstore.

Renee manages to keep her bodyguard in the car, enough time for Renee to liaise with Ray in the shop, letting him know that Charmaine is in New York. She’s scared, trembling as she worries what Frankie may do. Ray tries to encourage her to run away but her time is up and she’s forced to resume her shopping again.

In prison, Osito receives a call from Charmaine. She’s done. She’s moving to New York and getting away from everything after Aileen’s death. Osito urges her to take care of herself, especially as Frankie isn’t going to like hearing this news. For now though, there’s one more job to do.

Speaking of bad news, Ray heads over to Jackie’s. He tells Jackie that a big play is about to take place with Charmaine and Frankie. Ray opens up and admits he’s scared – especially as Renee’s life hangs in the balance.

Jackie has learned her lesson and decides to go to Alan with this intel. Given Renee is risking her life to tell them this, they believe it’s legit.

Alan is incredulous to the whole gig but does throw them a bone. Now, it would appear that the gear is being moved either by boat or car – leading Jackie to take the reigns of the Narcotics down on the shore (and patch things up with Ed) while Alan scours the road.

Alan’s search is fruitless but on the water, Ray notices a suspicious looking ferry in the distance. Believing it could hold Char onboard, Jackie and Ray head on to begin searching the decks. She’s not there, as it turns out, as she happens to be on a coach.

As Jackie notices the cops on the road blockage, Alan and the others chase her down.

Char throws her bag of gear over the bridge but it’s quickly found and she’s arrested. Unfortunately, this also means that Charmaine’s no-show will get back to Frankie, especially when he learns she’s the one who has given this intel. Frankie notices several officers at their drop-off point and drives away.

When news gets back to his bodyguard, he takes Renee out for a drive. Ray catches wind of what’s happening and races off to try and track her down and save her before it’s too late.

News of Charmaine’s arrest gets all the way back to Osito too, with Alan showing up and demanding the truth. Osito’s lawyer has some pretty strict terms, including a bail hearing. With confirmation of this verbally, Osito confirms the address to Alan, and a promise that this will lead to a whole trail of bodies that can be traced back to Frankie.

When Ray and Jackie catch wind of this, they head to the location in question. There, they find Lance Houston, the pilot, and Daisy, both deceased of course. When Jackie finds out she’s shocked – but there’s another body. It’s Jorge. Now, the police deduce that this is a different MO, especially as the grave is sloppy at best.

Renee isn’t killed by Frankie, as it turns out, and instead taken to Jorge’s stash. She takes the money and heads back to the club, where she’s told by Frankie that they’re going to leave and head to the Dominican asap because of the heat on them.

Just before they go, the lights suddenly go up and Frankie is arrested. When he finds out that Jorge is dead, he’s shocked but Jackie believes he’s the one who “did Jorge dirty.”

Although he’s arrested on charges of murder, as he drives off, he notices Ray and Renee kissing. My word, is there revenge on the table?

The Episode Review

Will Frankie stay behind bars? We know this guy is a slippery customer and although he’s arrested, the charges may not be enough to keep him there – especially if the gun Frankie’s holding doesn’t happen to be linked to any off the murders.

However, the cat is well and truly out the bag now regarding Renee and there may well be repercussions for this.

Episode 9 in particular has done a great job ramping up the tension and thrills, with all our characters working together to take out Frankie and Charmaine. Thankfully the operation this time around is a success but it still leaves many question marks over whether everyone will make it out of this alive.

Either way, Hightown has been a massive step-up this year, with the second season finally starting to live up to its premise. Next week’s finale looks like it’s going to be a must-watch!

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