High Seas – Season 3 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Eternal Sea

Turning The Tables

The season 3 finale of High Seas begins with guards patrolling the hallways as Nicolas and Eva work together to evade them. They make their way back to Carolina who’s starting to feel better. However, with a mutiny on their hands there’s no time to celebrate. They tell her to get dressed and plot their next move. They need to find somewhere to hide.

Down in the brig, Fabio is held captive in the same room as Doctor Ayala. Pierre questions his orders, especially with Ana (or Alex) working with them. Hector tells him he promised to destroy Natalia’s shipping lane and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

With everyone dead by the time they reach shore (or so they hope), their plan involves killing everyone on-board by the time they make it to shore.

Switching Sides

Veronica manages to coerce Pierre into following her to Eva’s cabin. Unbeknownst to him, everyone remains in position to ambush the man. As Pierre enters the room, Nicolas suddenly arrives and reveals the truth about the virus. He had no idea though and apologises.

It turns out Hector offered him a lot of money to team up and change the ship’s direction. Knowing it would bankrupt the shipping lane, he agreed to follow along. His grudge against Natalia for Clara’s death last season was motivation enough to do this. It had nothing to do with Fernando or wanting to kill people with the virus.

Hector has paid off a lot of seamen and with Santiago’s trust gone, they need to get rid of Hector to right the wrongs caused. On the back of this, Pierre switches sides and agrees to help them.

They break into the captain’s cabin but it’s no time for reunions. Their number one priority now lies in changing the ship’s direction and taking control of the boat.

Eventually they do so and apprehend Hector, taking him down to the brig. For now, this mutiny is over.

A Vanity Project

Eventually the group corner Ana out on deck and ask about the virus. She reveals that she was the one who created it and did so out of vanity because her side lost the war. She also admits that the virus is on the ship but obviously in Carolina. Only…it’s not Carolina it’s Diana.

Diana is infected, stumbling around the dock before eventually passing out in her cabin. With a weak pulse and the horrid bulges on her face, the crew take her down to the infirmary.

Realizing the virus is spreading, everyone is told to go into quarantine. As the passengers are rushed to their cabins, Carmen and Pedro remain together where the former apologises for everything she’s done.

Reluctantly, Fabio heads down to the basement and asks Ayala for help in getting the vaccine for this virus. In exchange for helping, Ayala demands immunity. Fabio agrees to the terms and the pair set to work getting the vaccine.

The Warship

Meanwhile, a warship appears on the horizon and it intends to sink them given how close they are to shore. Realizing they’re in danger, Nicolas tells Carolina they need to evacuate the ship.

Down in the hold, Eva hands over the vaccine which was rushed down to her and injects it into Diana. Only…the vaccine is a dud and doesn’t work. Even worse, Hector starts to come down with symptoms too.

Drawing more blood from Ana’s arm, Nicolas races down to the infirmary one more time as this scene catches us up with the one from the opening of the season. Thankfully, the serum works this time and begins curing patients.

Unfortunately they’re out of time as the warship fires at them and blows a hole in the hull. With time running out, Carolina helps bring everyone to the surface. However, she also finds Diana’s dead body and covers her with a blanket.

Hector begs Pierre to help him onto a lifeboat but instead, he leaves Ana and Hector to rot. However, he also leaves the keys on the table down there in the ensuing chaos.

Back up on deck, the passengers board lifeboats. Clearly not fast enough though, as another missile rips through the middle of the ship.

With the communications down and the Captain dead (we don’t see this on-screen though), Nicolas is forced to raise the yellow flag to confirm they’ve got the pandemic under control.

The Final Fight

However, Ana breaks free from her binds and chases after the duo. As Nicolas and her square off, Eva raises the yellow flag and stops the attack for now.

Nicolas is not so lucky in this fight. Although he manages to kill Ana, he’s not so lucky himself and receives a fatal knife wound to his stomach. Just before he dies, Eva arrives and he reveals that he loves her.

Shell-shocked, she heads up to deck and joins the others as they board the lifeboats and leave the ship to sink. As they head away from the boat, they look back and reminisce on the time they’ve spent there.

The Episode Review

There’s plenty of speculation over the future of this series, as it appears a fourth season is actually in development. In the meantime, High Seas delivers another quirky and somewhat unbelievable slice of drama.

Much like the second season with its ghost reveal at the end, High Seas pulls out all the stops for an underwhelming mutiny, a viral outbreak (because of course it did) and a doppelganger threat. The result is something that slips into that realm of absurdity that counteracts some of the better work done with this series.

The writing in general is a bit all over the place, especially with the motivations for certain characters. However, the mystery has been enjoyable enough and the reveal is a nice touch so it’s hard to grumble too much.

Also, why on earth does that warship fire on a civilian vessel? My history isn’t great so do correct me in the comments but surely the warship would try to communicate first or fire a warning shot, surely?

The Captain dying off-screen is a shame too while the tragic ending with Nicolas telling Eva he loves her feels contrived and counteracts what happened last season.

It actually feels like fan service but given his extended period away from the main narrative this season, it’s hard to really get behind this. Not to mention what his wife would think.

Still, despite all that High Seas continues to be one of those guilty pleasure series that’s hard to turn away from. This show has a way of sucking you into the mystery and despite the underwhelming finale, does enough to make the voyage worth taking one more time.

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  1. I enjoyed the 5 firsts episodes, but I feel that then everything has been rushed. Just one episode to start from patient 0, infect people really quickly, find a vaccine, save everyone. I’m sure the writers had not see the current pandemic when they wrote the scenario (or did they?), but the way things go that fast is really bad. I’m sure it could have been done better if this episode would have been split in 2-3… 4 episodes.

    But, that’s fiction, so we have to accept it. What’s unacceptable on the other end is the list of open questions. Personally, the biggest mystery to me is Ayala. I don’t get what was his plan. Was he on the boat because he knew about the virus? What were his intentions? Clearly not spread it, as he admits in a discussion with Fabio. But at the same time, with his background I don’t think he was there to save the world. I can’t find his motivation.

  2. You’re right about the warship. And from where? It’s the late 1940s. The boat was in the waters between Argentina and Mexico. Just asking…

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