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Who Died In Season 3?

It wouldn’t be a good murder mystery without a bit of murder, would it? If you need a reminder of exactly who died in season 3 of High Seas – and how – you’ve come to the right place.

For obvious reasons, this article features BIG SPOILERS about season 3.

Steve Taylor

Poor Steve. A great example of a man in the wrong place at the wrong time. After discovering that Ana is actually Alex Katona, he scrambled to meet Eva up on the roof to reveal the shocking truth to her.

Unfortunately Ana was wise to his plan and swiftly shot him in the chest for his troubles. Given the silencer attached to the end of the Luger, and the distance from the target, Ana’s presence remained undetected until late on.

However, Steve’s final word “Katona” served as a big clue for the investigation and helped Eva going forward so he did die pretty respectfully.

Viktor Andonov

Viktor however, did not. He died at the hands of the cruel and calculated Doctor Ayala following an extended bout of torturing. During episode 2, many of the characters suspected him to be the real Alex Katona. As we soon find out, that’s not actually the case and he’s not the one they’re after.

He dies in the belly of the ship, alone, as a result of his extensive injuries. As Doctor Ayala himself put it, he happens to be “collateral damage” this year.


Our Carolina doppelganger, Diana, met her end after being injected with the deadly syringe full of the virus.

After being injected, Diana eventually succumbed to the infection and died. However, her last actions were pitifully that of desperation and greed rather than selflessness.

Ironically, her selfishness inadvertently saved Viktor’s wife and there’s certainly something darkly poetic about that.


Yep, our timid and quiet maid was the killer all along. The final skirmish sees her go toe to toe with Nicolas deep in the heart of the ship. As they square off, she kills Nicolas but not before he can land a killer blow on her too.

For all of her talk of vanity and doing this as revenge for the war, her questionable actions leave no mistake about the unremarkable final moments she has.


Having spent most of the season off-screen, Nicolas meets a shocking end during the final fight. Given he’s spent most of the season on radio comms talking to Pierre and the Captain, it’s perhaps unsurprising. However, it would have also been nice to get some proper closure between Nicolas, his wife and Eva.

Captain Santiago

Maybe? Possibly? This one’s in the unknown category as we don’t actually see an on-screen death.

Following the warship pummeling the ship with a good dose of explosives, Pierre informs Nicolas and the others that the Captain is dead. He died at the helm of the ship… apparently.

Given we haven’t seen a body though, he could theoretically still be alive. We’ll have to wait and see though if this is elaborated on any further in season 4!

So there we have it, that’s our list of characters killed off in High Seas Season 3. With many familiar faces still kicking about and preparing for season 4, what on earth could be in store for us next? Only time will tell!

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