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The Characters

There’s a whole wave of new characters joining the line-up this season in High Seas and we’ve got a handy guide to get you up to scratch on who everyone is!

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free.

Fabio (Marco Pigossi)

A suave businessman who also happens to be working undercover for the British Intelligence. He can speak many languages and encourages Eva to board the Barbara de Braganza again. Throughout the season he plays a pretty big role in the main plot line, working closely with Eva.


Confined to a wheelchair and badly burned during a fire earlier in life, Diana is also a mute after her vocal cords were damaged. She boards the boat early on but there’s certainly more to her than first meets the eye. For obvious reasons, we won’t reveal the actress who plays this role!


Carmen is Diana’s Mother and she boards the ship after greeting Eva and Carolina at the dock. She seems friendly enough but is there something darker hidden behind that warm smile? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Doctor Ayala

Doctor Ayala boards the boat with Diana and Carmen. He’s Diana’s doctor and oversees her medical care. As the season progresses, we learn a whole lot more about him and his past.

Steve Taylor

Steve is charge of fronting the secret operation onboard the ship to find and catch Alex Katona – whomever that may be. Fabio answers to him and the two certainly have history together.

Hector (Nicolás Francella)

Hector is the new first officer onboard the ship and answers directly to Captain Santiago. He seems to care a lot about the Captain’s well-being but arrives late on his first day, which doesn’t go down too well with the Captain.


Ana is the new maid who’s inadvertently assigned Carolina and Eva’s room to clean, after Veronica convinced her to switch rooms. She remains a quiet and timid character but becomes a lot more active in the series late on.

So there we have it, that’s our list of new faces for High Seas Season 3. With many familiar faces back to join the fray too, these colourful characters add an extra dimension to the ship this time around that should prove a hit with fans.

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