High Seas – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Search For Rosa

Episode 6 of High Sea’s season 2 begins with more knowledge into the past, as Eva learns that the night Rosa went missing, she was with Fernando on the ship. However, Fernando becomes defensive when questioned on this and tells them he didn’t kill her. As Casandra and Carolina come to blows over the letter she found in her cabin, Cas realizes that Rosa didn’t write the letters and they appear to have been forged, given the differing handwriting marks.

Meanwhile, Pierre apologises to Clara for what happened and asks how he can make it up to her. However, sensing she’s hiding something from him, he questions whether she was sleeping with Anibal or not. She defiantly tells him no, of course, before closing the door on him.

Casandra speaks to the sisters about the handwriting and together they set out to try and find who was the one responsible for the forgery. This brings Carolina to Francisca, the one who found the letter originally. With some crucial clues to go on, the group find the ship schematics soon after which appear to have been remodeled. This brings them to Carlos, whom the sisters ask about the ship interior. Getting nowhere, as they leave together he tells them that what they’re searching for is watching them; a riddle that brings them closer to the truth.

While everyone is dining in the hall, Clara collapses in the hall after overdosing and is brought to the infirmary. With Varela and Fernando talk about Rosa and contemplate what to do next with this mystery, Pierre learns to his horror that Clara is dead.

With their arrival to Brazil imminent, Natalia fights back tears as the band play in memorial for her. While they do, our trio of leading ladies search for clues before stumbling upon a possible solution to the riddle. Hurrying to the other side of a mural, Augustin helps them open the lid of a large trunk. Inside is the dead body of Rosa and given she’s been shot, it’ll be difficult for Fernando to avoid prison after what’s happened.

Finally we get some answers in the form of Rosa’s body showing up and now the big question remains over who exactly killed her. While the likely suspect is Fernando, I have a feeling this may be a red herring to throw the suspicion off someone else. Is it Casandra? Given how much she knows about the ship and having been on the ship previously it certainly looks like a viable suspect. For now though, High Seas leaves things wide open over who the suspect may be and that is enough to keep you coming back for the penultimate episode.


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