High Seas – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review




Episode 5 of High Seas’ Season 2 begins with the crew learning that one of the engines has overheated, leading Nicolas to spot the ghostly figure down the hallway. However, this ghost happens to have left behind a bloody handkerchief. After Casandra’s attack last episode, she regains consciousness and points the blame at Fernando, who refuses to sink to her level. Instead, Eve tries in vain to get answers from him, explaining to him about the brooch.

As the plot thickens, Eva visits Detective Varela and learns someone came on-board with a contraption that interferes with the electrics and lets the lights flicker. Confronting Julian about this, the man Varela has arrested, he tells them Carolina is being watched.

Heading back to their cabin, Nicolas and Eva search their cabin and find a hidden passageway under the drawers. Being careful not to make noise, Eva sneaks through and finds herself in a secret room with a log on all the passengers and a radio. On the floor is a spyglass too, one that looks straight down into Carolina’s cabin. The final piece of the puzzle aligns itself soon after, as Simon enters the room with bloody rags; he’s the one posing as the ghost around the ship. He tells them he was paid to pose but unfortunately their grand plan still remains a mystery. However, Nicolas and Eva decide to try and use this knowledge to their advantage, continuing his charade as the ghost as planned while the duo plot to reveal the truth.

As it turns out, there’s two ghosts – Simon and his Mother – and while receiving their orders from Casandra, Natalia reveals the truth about Clara to Pierre. Soon after, she confronts Casandra and threatens her as Carolina is convinced by Eva to follow her away. There, they manage to corner the ghost, bringing her before Casandra in the ballroom.

Finally the truth is revealed. It turns out someone killed Casandra’s sister and she’s been working to try and find out who did it all along. It turns out her sister was Fernando’s fiancee too, which explains why he reacted the way he did to the phone calls and accusations. Telling them her sister’s body is on the boat, she vows to find it and prove to them that Fernando was behind the killings all along.

In the aftermath of this, Carolina confronts him over his knowledge of Rosa while Eva questions the validity of her statements. At the same time, Carolina uncovers a letter hidden away in her cabin with Rosa’s name scribbled on the back.

Despite my niggling issue with this episode around the subtitles not aligning themselves to the centre of the screen (I tried three different devices with the same problem), High Seas delivers a really good slice of drama, one that reveals the truth whilst offering up plenty of questions for the remaining trio of episodes in the season. Quite what direction this one is likely to take for that remains to be seen, as this episode feels quite finite in terms of the wrapped up mystery. With no supernatural elements to the story and Casandra hell-bent on finding out who killed her sister, all of this looks set to build up to a dramatic finale to follow. Whether that will end on another cliffhanger like the first though is still up for debate.


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