High Seas – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review


A New Killer & Victim

After a brief hiatus, High Seas returns to Netflix today for Season 2. With a new mystery and a couple of fresh faces added to the mix, this Spanish mystery continues to deliver heaps of melodrama and suspense through its episodes. We begin with Eva writing about her experiences following the five stowaways boarding the ship. From here, we catch a glimpse of them out on the small rowing boat last time out with the secret chest in their possession. With passengers and crew told to stay in their cabins, the Captain is briefed about the next course of action.

Fernando and Natalia fall out over the Captain’s decision to keep the rescue mission up before he reminds her the cabins aren’t safe. As she leaves, Eva and Carolina’s Father, Carlo, lurks in the corridors biding his time to strike. Sitll unconscious, Uncle Pedro is tended to by Carolina who stays by his side while the group are graced by the presence of the five survivors who come on board. Among them is a mysterious woman named Casandra who comments on Eva’s sadness right away. After a brief electric outage in the main atrium, the crew band together and begin searching cabin to cabin for clues around where Carlos is hiding.

With Veronica also missing, the passengers scramble to find her, especially with a killer on the loose. As it turns out, she’s with Sebastian but also held up at knife-point around the corner by Carlos. Telling her Mother not to worry, Veronica and Sebastian are held captive while the others at the door leave, believing everything is okay.

Casandra approaches the Captain and tells him, Eva and Nicolas that they’re in danger as her Father is in a first-class cabin. As it happens, they all learn he’s with Sebastian’s soon after. At the same time, Uncle Pedro awakens but it turns out he’s gone blind thanks to the blow to his head last season.

Cornered between Eva and Carolina, Carlostries to get away but finds himself surrounded. Dropping to his knees, Eva takes the knife from him and looks at her Father with contempt as he’s taken away. With the situation resolved for now, the sisters visit Uncle Pedro and wish him well before discussing Casandra and her ghostly powers. In the midst of this, Nicolas receives a telegram from someone called Chantal, who has an urgent message for him in Rio De Janerio.

As the episode closes out, the sisters question Casandra around how she knew about their Father but she brushes the questions away, telling them it’s difficult to explain. As the lights continue to flicker on and off, she tells them a woman died before they set sail and worse, her killer is still on-board.

With the main plot points from last season all but wrapped up, High Seas injects a new mystery into the fold while introducing the mysterious new character, Casandra. Much like Titans earlier this year, High Sea’s opening episode feels like a season finale, especially given how everything has been wrapped up here, closing a chapter while writing a new one. Still, despite this the show does well to rekindle the same vibes as the first season and given what we’ve seen before, I’d imagine we’re in for a real rollercoaster ride this time out.


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