High Seas – Season 1 Episode 8 “Cain” – The Finale – Recap & Review


The Final Voyage

The finale of High Seas begins with Eva and Carolina greeting their Father again on the dock as Carol prepares for her wedding day. The captain then speaks to Nicolas, telling him he’s never seen him so happy before we finally get to the bottom of the big mystery hanging over the series. Uncle Pedro admits everything to Nicolas, accusing his brother of signing faked documents and being the one responsible for allowing the company’s trucks to take people to the Mauthausen Holocaust Camp.

Meanwhile, Detective Varela closes in on Clara and Natalia, sneaking into Clara’s cabin and finding blood on the coffee table. With a sideways glance, he ponders what this means before slipping away undetected which is the last we see of this storyline this season.

As more family secrets are revealed, a rift grows ahead of the big wedding and to make matters worse, Eva finds a book hidden in a suitcase which she immediately realizes is actually her Father’s. With her Father managing to play both sisters against him, Eva suddenly realizes that her Father was the one responsible this whole time and her Uncle was just trying to protect her, making him innocent.

This prompts her to rush to the ceremony as the wedding goes ahead as planned, with Fernando beaming from ear to ear and Carolina looking like a million bucks. Eva bursts in and informs everyone that her Father was the guilty party and he’s quickly imprisoned, at least temporarily until he breaks free. As chaos descends over the ship, he slams Uncle Pedro’s head into the ground, bites the neck of another crew member and scrambles up to the deck where a small rowing boat heads off with the blood money in tow.

After 8 episodes, High Seas draws to a close with an almighty cliffhanger and the future of this show still unknown at this point. Despite a fair amount of melodrama throughout, High Seas does a decent job keeping things interesting and full of tension. While the open ending is a little disappointing and many of the plot threads left unanswered, High Seas has enough going for it to make it an easy show to recommend. For the plot twists alone, this is certainly a decent offering and while it doesn’t quite hit the same lofty heights of an Agatha Christie novel or other murder mysteries of its caliber, there’s enough here to make for a thoroughly entertaining watch nonetheless.


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  1. Thanks Michelle, the sentence was worded in a bit of a convoluted way, my apologies. I’ve corrected that now so it should read correctly! Thanks again for the correction, very much appreciated!

    -Greg Wheeler.

  2. Also a major mixup in paragraph 3, it says Eva finds a book in the case of gold bars that’s her uncles but she actually found her father’s notebook in the case which is what causes her to realize her uncle is innocent. Wouldn’t make sense for her to find her uncle’s notebook in the suitcase then think he was innocent because that would just be more evidence against him. They found the father’s notebook which is what actually absolves him.

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