High Seas – Season 1 Episode 7 “Three Hours” Recap & Review


Sins Of A Father

We return to High Seas for episode 7, the penultimate push toward the final episode. The episode begins with Mario and Luisa visiting the Captain, thanking him for his hospitality and revealing they were all on the same page after all.

Meanwhile, Eva and Carolina discuss their next steps after learning Luisa may be blackmailing their family. As the crew do their rounds and start asking questions, Clara throws her bloody shoes overboard to cover her tracks while Carolina is poisoned by none other than Dr Rojas himself who is freed in time to try and save her. He tells everyone it may be sepsis and that he needs to run tests, clearing the room save for Eva who stays by her side. As the room empties, Dr Roja gives Eva an ultimatum – bring him the microfilm in exchange for the antidote or her sister will die.

Meanwhile Pierre and Varela continue their investigation into Anibel’s death, painting Clara in the spotlight as the prime suspect.

As Eva scrambles for the microfilm, including trying to get into Nicolas’ safe, she eventually gets desperate and finds a gun, threatening Nicolas with it and forcing him to hand over the microfilm tucked away inside the safe. Hesitantly, he eventually agrees and hands her the cabin key before she leaves.

As time runs out, the Dr holds Eva at gunpoint on the deck of the ship before being stopped just in time for the antidote to be handed over. With the cure in hand, Eva rushes to Carolina’s side, injecting her and hoping for the best. As Carolina slowly starts to come to, Mario bursts in and declares he’s their Father.

With the news finally out about Mario’s true identity, High Seas delivers a really exciting episode full of twists and turns, with a standalone plot that works really well here. Quite what will happen in the finale is anyone’s guess but all the pieces hang in the balance here, promising to explode in a flurry of drama and surprising revelations in the final episode.


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  1. Who is the actor that plays the role of “open the safe” the lock smith who won’t go open the safe because it’s the captain?

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