High Seas – Season 1 Episode 6 “527 L.” Recap & Review


Finally, Some Answers

Picking up where it left off from before, High Seas returns to find Natalia and Clara scrambling to clean up the blood left from Anibel while Luisa breaks free and smashes a glass of her own to escape.

However, Dr Rojas chases her upstairs, right into the arms of Detective Varela who arrests the doctor and quizzes Luisa over her true identity. At this point all is revealed and the girls go and see their Uncle, asking him outright if he had anything to do with their Father’s death.

He declines of course but the girls find something far worse in the microfilm they retrieve from Luisa. It turns out their Father’s trucks were being used to transport prisoners to Mauthausen Holocaust Camp and Pedro was being blackmailed with this information. The 527 L on the film happens to stand for 527 people being shipped over. With this newfound information, they present this to their Uncle who admits that he and their Father did fight about this very matter.

Meanwhile, Fernando admits to Carolina that he has a gambling problem while Pierre notices blood on Clara’s shoe, prompting him to investigate Anibal’s death far more closely than he did before.

Carolina continues to dig deeper into her family’s past, stumbling upon another clue in the form of the uniform bills. It turns out Mario hired out a uniform and the girls suspect him to be responsible for Manuel’s death. As they continue to put the pieces of the puzzles together, the girls realize that the microfilm has been stolen from the typewriter and they immediately suspect Luisa is the culprit. They then begin putting two and two together, telling Nicolas what they’ve found who in turn informs Varela.

A search then ensues to find Mario down in the cargo hold and it turns out one of the workers was covering for him while he clocked in. As the crew frantically search the cargo holds, another bombshell reveal is dropped as Mario is found hidden behind a sack, proclaiming “I won’t let my brother Pedro get away with this,” leading us to draw conclusions that the girls’ Father is still alive.

The plot twist at the end certainly caught me off guard and with the storm finally behind us, High Seas gets back to business with its mystery-laden plot. There’s a fair amount of work done here to keep this consistent and the big reveals peppered throughout the episode are certainly welcome. We’re finally getting some answers now and quite where High Seas will end up is anyone’s guess. For now though, there’s enough here to make for another interesting and exciting episode in this Spanish drama.


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