High School: Return of a Gangster – Episode 7 Recap & Review

True Friendships

High School: Return of a Gangster episode 7 picks up where we left off, with Mi-kyung calling Yi-heon and asking to meet. During the meeting, she brags about her new plan to take Yi-heon down. She says she no longer needs the gang.

We learn that she paid the bullies to report Yi-heon to the police for beating them up. She also promised to get the boys a lawyer and take care of them for the rest of their lives. Of course, these clueless boys get excited to see money and jump all in.  Before leaving, Mi-kyung clarifies that Yi-heon has nothing on her and he will never catch her. She was smart enough to leave no evidence of her evil deeds. 

Yi-heon returns to school and is surprised that his friends still treat him nicely. Se-kyung also gets to school, and Jae-hoon informs him that he can no longer be in the same class as Yi-heon. As the bullying case is ongoing, Se-kyung can’t be seen with the perpetrator. Thankfully, Se-kyung refuses to go along with his dad’s plan and submits a letter taht he was never bullied. He also returns to his class, and Yi-heon is happy to see him. Jae-min also gets to class and announces that Yi-heon was reported to the police by the other boys.

Yi-heon, Se-kyung and Jae-min talk about what to do next, but Yi-heon assures them he will handle the issues. Once he leaves, Se-kyung tears a new one into Jae-min. On the other hand, Yi-heon meets with the bullies and offers them a chance to take back their statements. However, the boys feel secure in Mi-kyung’s empty promises and think they can get away with giving false testimony. They figure they only need to convince Jae-min to join them.

The boys meet with Jae-min and tell him their plans to destroy Yi-heon’s life and make sure he goes to juvie. Jae-min is shocked that the boys even got medical documents to prove they were hit. However, he was the one who beat them, not Yi-heon. Jae-min refuses to cooperate and the boys consider whether they should report him to the police, too.

At the police station, Yi-heon tries to prove his innocence, but the officer in charge asks for more tangible evidence. The boys already took down the bullying videos so Yi-heon will need a witness to defend him. Yi-heon decides to contact Dong-soo and Jong-cheol and ask for their help. He orders them to track down Mi-kyung while he solves the bullying issue. 

As the school days go by, Yi-heon passes his exam, and Se-kyung is proud of him. Unfortunately, he is unable to celebrate his good grades when he gets a message from the detective informing him that the case has suddenly been forwarded to the prosecution office. In a hurry to head to the police station, Yi-heon unintentionally hurts one of the girls with a crush on him. Poor Yi-heon has no idea that the girls are flirting with him.

 At the police station, Yi-heon tries to explain why his parents can’t be reached. The officer says they also tried to reach Mr Bae, Yi-heon’s biological dad, but he was out of town. Speaking of fathers, Se-kyung confronts his dad for moving the case to the prosecution office. Myung-hyun insists Yi-heon is a bad seed and is surprised when Se-kyung defends the boy. 

The next day, Se-kyung meets with Jae-min and asks why he won’t testify for Y-heon. Se-kyung believes Yi-heon would never ask Jae-min because he would implicate himself and end up in jail. As such, Se-kyung thinks Jae-min should do the right thing without being asked, especially after how good Yi-heon has been to him. Once again, Jae-min refuses to help, but he is clearly conflicted.

He later meets with Yi-heon and gets offended that Yi-heon won’t ask him to testify. He begs for forgiveness and mercy, saying he is scared and wants to at least graduate from high school. Yi-heon understands him and says he will handle the issue. He welcomes Jae-min to his house, feeds him and tells him that he should try to be a better human moving forward. He also asks him to apologise to the real Yi-heon when he comes back. 

That night, Jae-min is troubled and cries himself to sleep. Meanwhile, Se-kyung apologises to Yi-heon for what Myung-hyun did. He is relieved when Yi-heon says it is not his fault. Se-kyung also shares that he is no longer scared of his dad and can fight back. Yi-heon is proud of him.

As the night deepens, Yi-heon decides to stay with his mom at the hospital. She wakes up feeling more rejuvenated and clear-headed. Suddenly, she starts talking about Mi-kyung and Yi-heon’s dad. She reveals that Chairman Bae got Mi-kyung a new apartment two years ago. Yi-heon is interested in hearing more, in particular the location of the house. He quickly sends Dong-so and Jong-cheol to check the house. 

The next morning, Jae-min wakes up early. He cooks and cleans up before getting ready for school. He then leaves a message for his sister and calls Se-kyung, asking where the hearing will be held. The episode ends with Myung-hyun arriving at the hearing to stop Se-kyung from testifying. Simultaneously, Jae-min arrives at the same time and says he is there to betray someone. Who will he betray?

The Episode Review

We are finally down to the last episode and the stakes have been raised considerably high. Who will Jae-min betray? Will Myung-hyun stop trying to control Se-kyung? What will happen to Se-kyung if he continues to fight back against his dad? Lastly, where is Mi-kyung, and how will Yi-heon deal with her?

We have so many questions; let us jump into the finale to see if we will get answers.

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