High Desert – Season 1 Episode 7 “This Doesn’t Have to be a Tragedy” Recap & Review

This Doesn’t Have to be a Tragedy

As Episode 7 of High Desert begins, it’s clear that one of the Gatchi brothers has been following Peggy ever since Nick learnt of her true identity. She is convinced that Bruce and the firm will be coming into sizeable money. Once the DNA match is done, they can get the reward and leave this mess behind them.

Cooper, Carol’s teenage daughter, has already taken the task of discovering Dona’s cadaver. She hovers a drone around the same place where Judy found the finer. And voila; she sees it. Denny is back to his bad habits and is robbing a store. Right in the middle of it, Peggy calls him and emotionally confesses that she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Denny had previously proposed that they get back together. Peggy has been quite clear about what she wants to do. But lately, she has become conflicted. The robbery is successful but not without some physical damage to Denny and his robbing partner. Carol calls Peggy with this new revelation as Cooper shows her the photos from the video chat. In the background, Owen and his mates are launching dummies from the cannon his mother brought for Pioneertown.

Tammy has been struggling with her botched boob job. She needs to be taken into emergency soon enough but told Peggy that Bob didn’t pick up her calls. Peggy goes to the spa and confronts Nick and his brother, Leo, about Dona’s body. They want to see the body first and then pay her the reward. But Peggy isn’t too sure they will still keep their word.

Peggy has invited Stewart and Dianne, her siblings, to Bruce’s office to officially confirm to them that she has put her life back on track. The plan goes awry as Bruce uses a gun to randomly shoot at cars in the parking lot. He is heartbroken as his wife has announced her intention to leave him. Dianne and Stewart scamper for cover and take off without thinking twice about it. Peggy walks into the room and bravely takes the gun from him. She tells Bruce about the reward and that she has found Dona’s body. Peggy asks both him and William to keep quiet if the police come to investigate. She has taken the gun and will dispose of it to avoid any further trouble.

Peggy comes back home to find Denny cooking food. She makes it clear that her conflicted mind is now made up and she wants him gone. Before he leaves, they discuss Ethan, their son, who isn’t on talking terms with Peggy. He worships Denny, though. At night, while Peggy is sleeping, Arman and Heather break into her house. Heather holds Peggy at knifepoint as Arman declares their intention to rob her house.

Peggy promised to get them their losses in two days and the time is now up. Quite shockingly, Peggy learns that Bob has skipped town in fear of what might happen to him. Remember, the Gatchis are after him as well. Heather even inflicts a cut right under Peggy’s breasts, which won’t bode well as she is a haemophiliac. When Heather threatens to go into Roslyn’s room, Peggy animatedly gets on her back and inflicts serious damage on her. Arman manages the situation and holds Peggy at gunpoint.

She is forced to take them outside to Denny’s trailer, where he and his partner are counting the cash from the robbery. Arman and Heather leave with the money and the trailer, vowing to come back the next day for more. Ethan calls Peggy to inform her that Customs have apprehended Denny and is going to jail – again. Ethan himself is unwilling to talk with Peggy, who cannot handle it. She is heartbroken and runs into Roslyn’s room and clings to her wardrobe for comfort.

In her fraught state, she reaches for a box containing drugs. She takes a dose without thinking twice about it and spoils all her months of good work in a second. The next morning, she is visibly better and gets ready for work. But she is shocked to see Roslyn in the bathroom. She talks to her about where she is and if Roslyn knows what she did. Her reverie is broken when the Gatchi brothers come in and the trio go to the site with Dona’s body.

The Episode Review

Getting our heads around Peggy’s cry for help to Roslyn is difficult. It certainly came out of nowhere. The timing was off as well, making episode 7 a rather dull experience. Denny’s robbery attempt was as random as Arman and Heather targeting Peggy. A lot of things just did not add up heading into the finale.

High Desert made full use of artistic license in the episode and used logistical impossibilities as justification for the poorer writing. The show has been going downhill and running around in circles for the past three episodes. All the early promise has been drained out and we are left with the haunches of a regrettably failed project.

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