HIGH CARD – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Look at Me

HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 5 begins with Leo attending a Rummy College as High Card has been dismissed and his father is still missing. As Leo is sitting in the park, a student angers him by clicking his picture. The student tries to make friends with him, but Leo storms away.

The next day, Francois approaches him again and takes him to play hooky. They develop the films together, and Leo likes them. Leo later has a bad cough, and they go to the infirmary. Francois gets to know that he hasn’t been sleeping properly.

The scene cuts to a dream of Leo crying and running towards his father. Vijay visits Chris followed by Michelle. Leo’s condition gets worse. On his way back, he intervenes on finding some bullies bullying Francois. Later, Francois reveals that the bullies don’t like that he is close to Leo. As they chat, Leo feels cold and loses consciousness.

Francois takes him to his room and cares for him. He tells him about his dad as well. Leo feels unwell during the lecture as well. Leo misses his dad and wonders why everyone eventually leaves him. He is told that Francois has been asking around about him.

Later that day, when Francois enters the room, he throws his camera and questions his motives. Francois tries to calm him down, but Leo leaves hastily. Later that night, he sits out and ponders on the conversation he had with his father.

Leo falls asleep, and the doctor approaches him, revealing he is a Klondike player sent to kill Leo. He reveals that his Thirteen Stairs eat away at health slowly. The doctor reveals it is his last day, and he will pass away as the clock strikes midnight.

Just then, Vijay arrives and slams the guy against the wall. He then deactivates the card and saves Leo. Francois watches this from afar and claims he wanted to know more about Leo, thinking they are alike, but he now realizes they aren’t at the end of HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 5.

The Episode Review

HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 5 is just a filler episode and doesn’t really contribute much to the storyline as a whole. While High Card remains dismissed, Leo studies in a Rummy College. He meets Francois, a boy who tries to befriend him.

Leo suffers bad health during this time, and Leo pushes him away, thinking he is the cause. It is revealed that the college doctor is the culprit behind the bad health. The storyline is quite bland and doesn’t include anything significant.

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