HIGH CARD – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Answer the Door

HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 3 begins with Chris giving up his card as he has developed symptoms similar to his sister’s, likely due to the X hand. Leo gets called to have a word with the president. Ban venerates a grave with Zenon. Finn decides to head over to the president’s office and speak to the president himself.

Upon meeting with Theodor and Owen, they insult Chris’ actions, infuriating Leo. Finn arrives at the reception, but the receptionist refuses to let him go without an appointment. Just then, another man shows up wanting to meet the president without an appointment. He instructs her to pass on a message, claiming he is Zenon from the Klondike family. He scratches the table, causing it to explode.

Zenon makes his way into the elevator, and Finn chases behind him with the entire building engulfed in flames. Vijay and Wendy head for the building. Zenon comes face-to-face with Theodor, Owen, and Leo. Zenon uses his ability to make the ceiling crumble and fall onto them.

Owen is injured, but Theodor helps him up and asks for possession of the cards. Owen hesitates but uses his card to open the door to another dimension and takes Theodor along with him. Getting his hands on the cards, Theodor reveals that he is Zenon in disguise and stabs Owen in the stomach.

Finn struggles through the fire and finds Leo lying on the ground. Leo asks Finn to pull him out of the rubble, but Finn is unable to see any rubble on Leo. Just then, Vijay arrives and uses his power to create a snapping sound and snap them out of their hallucinations.

Vijay informs Wendy about it, but it’s too late. Wendy faces off with Zenon and gets hallucinated. However, she transforms into Love and Peace. Zenon uses his ability to show her the corpses of her friends and then bring them to life and attack her. To Zenon’s surprise, she kills them all.

Zenon manages to make it to the roof where Leo, Finn, and Vijay are waiting. Love-and-Peace shows up too and begins to attack them. Before Zenon tries to escape, she cuts the helicopter blade, causing it to crash. She also attacks Zenon once again.

Just then, Bernard appears and uses his card to turn it into an unbreakable shield. He quickly disciplines Wendy after defending against all her attacks. They realize the press helicopters are observing them from the top at the end of HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 3.

The Episode Review

HIGH CARD Season 2 Episode 3 sees another character turn against Theodor, and this time it’s one of the less-expected characters to do so. Leo seemed to have a lot of admiration for his father and also played quite close to his philosophy, yet this didn’t stop him from empathizing and standing up for Chris. At this point, it seems like a cold war between the members of High Card and Theodor.

This episode had an insanely interesting subplot, right from Zenon’s ability and hallucinations to the unstoppable Love and Peace. The episode is insanely engaging and keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next.

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