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You Betrayed Me

Episode 6 of Hide begins with Moon-young being shaken by Sung-jae feeding Bom and pulling her away. She tries to leave but the confused Chas convince her to stay for the night. The next day, she confronts Yeon-joo who deletes her copy of the video showing Sung-jae killing Tae-soo.

Knowing that Moon-young is a righteous lawyer, Yeon-joo wonders what she will do as the only one who has the evidence now. After Moon-young storms off, Yeon-joo tells Yoon that Prosecutor Moon-young was known as the Wolverine with a sense of justice.

Elsewhere, Baek calls Jin-woo and Moon-young. Jin-woo is ready to spill the truth but Moon-young stops him with the promise of finding his daughter. Both act ignorant and Baek is frustrated.

Moon-young picks up Bom before Myung-hee can and the little kid sees that her mother is not happy about Sung-jae’s return. Bom reminds her that she had said mistakes are normal so she should just ask him to not repeat them. She considers this as she drops Bom at Shin-hwa’s. The prosecutor’s anger fizzles out as Moon-young tells her the latest developments. 

She then brings Jin-woo and confronts Sung-jae at the Chas’. It goes all wrong as Sung-jae deflects attention by revealing he had no intention of finding Jin-woo’s daughter and that he is a murderer. He beats up Jin-woo as he thinks he recorded the video. Moon-young reveals it is Yeon-joo while Cha Woong is so furious that he slaps Sung-jae who runs off. Jin-woo stops Moon-young from going after him as it may be dangerous.

Sung-jae goes to Yeon-joo’s and wrecks her kitchen before choking her. Chairman Choi interrupts and he leaves. It seems that Choi has dementia as he wonders if he made a mess. Yeon-joo says it is her mistake and looks thoughtful. 

Meanwhile, Jin-woo tells Moon-young about the murder. A flashback shows some classmates bullying Tae-soo. Jin-woo stops them and the leader sees him with his girlfriend, Hye-rin. Later, they mess with Hye-rin and Tae-soo alerts Jin-woo who rushes there and tries to stop them but he is outnumbered. He ends up using a brick and kills the leader. After he is discharged from prison, he wants to kill himself but Tae-soo stops him. He also tells Jin-woo that Hye-rin gave birth while he was in prison.

Later, Sung-jae is about to follow Yeon-joo but a traffic cop stops him. He asks for ID and Sung-jae gives Tae-soo’s. Elsewhere, Moon-young brings Jin-woo to Shin-hwa and the meeting is tense. However, they decide to lock up Sung-jae and then go after Yeon-joo.

Once Sung-jae is back home, Moon-young turns him to Detective Baek for Tae-soo’s murder. She explains that he needs to fix things for good so Bom can have a father. He and Myung-hee are in disbelief while Cha Woong tells them to stop making a scene. But once the cops leave with Sung-jae, Woong lashes out at Moon-young for humiliating them. She points out that she hasn’t given them the video.

Yeon-joo learns of this and laughs. But this wasn’t her plan and she enacts Plan B. She also keeps Chairman Choi away from his eldest son followed by a call from Cha Woong. Turns out, after Choi had laughed in his face, Yeon-joo had told Cha Woong that they wouldn’t mess with Sung-jae. At present, Choi asks for her help.

Meanwhile, Bom is upset with Moon-young when she reveals that Sung-jae is going away for some time. As his lawyer, Moon-young gets to meet him and tries to console him as he is doing the right thing. However, he is furious with her, blames Jin-woo and says she betrayed him. He claims her silly sense of duty has messed it up for him and she should leave.

Baek interrogates Sung-jae who is silent. A new lawyer shows up and brings Yoon as a witness – he dropped Sung-jae at a vacation home and there is dashcam footage of Ma Gang at the cliff. Sung-jae is released and Baek thinks that Moon-young tricked him.

After apologising to the law firm staff who find Jin-woo’s daughter, Im Ye-ji, Moon-young gives her information to him. She also shares her theory – Yeon-joo probably sent her the video after creating an alibi.

That night, Moon-young follows Yeon-joo who allows her and takes her to her home where Sung-jae is waiting. He kisses Yeon-joo and she looks at a shocked Moon-young who is peeking from the curtain. Another thing Ma Gang told Jin-woo was that Yeon-joo and Sung-jae are having an affair and they are toying with Moon-young.

At present, an upset Moon-young gets into her car and drives right into the living room at the end of Hide Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Phew, a lot of things happened in Hide Episode 6. Detective Baek is funny. When Moon-young insisted that there was something off with Sung-jae’s death, he taunted and laughed in her face. Now that she complies, he once again thinks she is in cahoots with Sung-jae? Come on man! You are going down the wrong route.

And that confrontation scene with Sung-jae was a mess, huh? So was the whole arrest. We did not see the plot twist coming at all either. We are completely in the dark when he chokes Yeon-joo for messing with him. But he then forgives her as she gets him out of prison. None of this is for Moon-young’s benefit as she has no idea of these events; it just shows us how complicated Sung-jae and Yeon-joo’s relationship is as well. But now does this give us free reign to ship Jin-woo and Moon-young?

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