Hide – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Restraining Order

Episode 10 of Hide begins with the flashback of Moon-young telling her father that the trial is a trap so they should handle the narrative. At present, Yeon-joo is annoyed at how easily Moon-young has surrendered. She tells Moon-young that her 25 years of hurt cannot be washed away in 5 minutes. She doesn’t want Moon-young to surrender but to pay by losing her family. Meanwhile, Shin-hwa is angry as Moon-young has let Geumshin escape by lying.

Sung-jae keeps texting Bom about living together but she doesn’t reply. He hears his father making a scene as usual as the Na Seok-jin case may ruin his election. Sung-jae points out that Cha Woong is being praised for having a righteous daughter-in-law who doesn’t even tolerate her own father’s crimes. 

However, Woong’s party is skeptical about supporting him but Yeonjoo shows up to fund his campaign. Alone, she reveals that she wants to cancel the Haean village redevelopment and that they need a scapegoat.

Elsewhere, Baek tells Jin-woo that he will reinvestigate Tae-soo’s death. He lets it slip that despite hating on Geumshin, he wants the redevelopment to happen and Jin-woo jokingly asks if he has purchased a unit. Turns out that he has as he gets a notification of Yeon-joo suddenly announcing that the resort construction of Haean has been cancelled due to an attorney’s misdeeds. Our team realises that Yeon-joo plans to blame Moon-young for stealing 80 billion, the funds meant for the construction.

Yeon-joo then visits Bom at the academy with cookies and tries to put down Moon-young. Bom throws it and runs off and hides till Moon-young shows up. Unfortunately, it is leaked that Moon-young is responsible for Haean redevelopment’s failure. This has angry investors defacing her home.

Choi Woo-shik is not happy as the project cancellation has caused Geumshin’s prices to drop. He tries to threaten Yeon-joo but she has recordings of him planning his father’s death. They should part ways as she doesn’t need him anymore and he gives in. Meanwhile, Shin-hwa gets demoted for going after Geumshin.

Moon-young decides to move out with Bom and she tells her father. The prison guard overhears and tells Yeon-joo. With Bom also texting Sung-jae that she will live with her mom, he gets desperate. Yeon-joo tells him and Myung-hee to report Moon-young for child abuse and negligence. As founders of a welfare foundation that manages such cases, they are also able to convince an instant separation before the investigation even begins.

While Moon-young and Bom wait for Jin-woo to come by with snacks, the cops show up and take Bom away. Moon-young spots Myung-hee and Yeon-joo watching and confronts them. Angry for crossing a line, Moon-young slaps Yeon-joo who slaps her back before Myung-hee calls the cops.

Yeon-joo lets it go as it is mutual assault. However, a restraining order is put which means Moon-young cannot visit, call or text Bom while they investigate. Moon-young cries while Jin-woo tries to comfort her. He texts Bom on her behalf who responds that she misses her mom too. She then hides her phone and it is revealed that she is at the Chas now. She pretends to be enthusiastic about moving away with Sung-jae as he enrols her at a UK school.

While Yeon-joo misses Chairman Choi, Shin-hwa and Baek have a pity party about Geumshin screwing them over. They decide to take everyone down with the help of the evidence they do have.

Myung-hee and Bom leave for the UK but the latter secretly texts Jin-woo. Moon-young panics at first but realises it is for the best if Bom is away from the mess. She promises to clear everything up in 5 days and then get Bom back.

Their plan begins with Jin-woo luring Yoon to their side as he confronts Yeon-joo about killing Ma Gang. Shin-hwa then targets Chawoong Law Firm for backdoor dealings with Geumshin. Woong’s party wants to cancel his nomination cause of this.

She and Baek then catch Sung-jae at the airport. Turns out, Jin-woo’s testimony and the recorded video of Sung-jae beating Tae-soo are enough to get a warrant for imprisonment and assault. At the end of Hide Episode 10, Moon-young meets with Woo-shik and they smile at each other.

The Episode Review

Hide Episode 10 raises the stakes even higher by getting Bom involved in Yeon-joo’s revenge plan. Though, honestly, Yeon-joo wouldn’t have lost our sympathy for her if she had not messed with a small child. And honestly, this will be her downfall as she fails to see the outcome. Had she backed off after the trial, Moon-young would be in her debt. 

Yeon-joo wouldn’t have had to lift a finger as Sung-jae anyway planned to take Bom away from Moon-young. Guess our big bad villain isn’t too smart. But the plot twists that we are constantly getting have us hooked. With next week being the finale, we wonder how the writers will tie it all up.

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