Hidden Strike (2023) Ending Explained – Do Chris and Luo save the day?

Hidden Strike Plot Summary

The story is set sometime in the near future, where a Chinese-owned refinery in Iraq is under attack by rebels. A team of special forces are tasked with escorting civilians out and along the “Highway of Death” to Baghdad’s Green Zone. Fronting that group is the formidable Dragon Luo, who finds out that among the civilians in the refinery is his estranged daughter.

Meanwhile, ex-Marine Chris is haunted by the memory of his father. He needs money to repair the water system for the village he lives in, but similarly knows that the man responsible for the deaths of his father and several squad-mates happens to be on the bus convoy headed by Luo.

Chris hires a group of mercenaries, whom he gives amusing nicknames too, and sets out to attack the convoy and get his revenge. However, this is all one big set-up and Chris finds himself unwittingly teaming up with Luo to face a common enemy.

Who’s the real mastermind here?

Chris pulls off the desert heist, using a modified truck with a jet engine attached to the back to simulate a man-made sandstorm. He kidnaps some of Luo’s soldiers and heads back to base. However, Chris has been duped.

Owen is he real mastermind behind everything. He wants to wipe the company out as he’s jealous of them getting everything and he has nothing. He’x taking the war private to get revenge. Chris wants no part of that, his stake is that he wants justice to be served and also money to provide water for his village. Owen is running everything for Unicorp, so Chris and Luo work together to get their people back and stop Owen.

What happened to Chris’ father in the past?

Chris and his deceased brother used to work for their father as private contractors. They were all Special Ops. Two years back though, Chris’ father got a job on the Highway of Death. He turned it down initially Chris convinced him to do it. They ended up driving right into a rebel ambush.

A 48 hour firefight ensued but everybody was killed. Chris blames himself for this and has been living in regret ever since.

Do Chris and Luo fight in the refinery?

After being ambushed that night in the village, Luo and Chris work together to storm the oil refinery and stop Owen once and for all. Oh, and bring their people back as well! Driving the truck armed with a jet engine, they head into the base and a big fight ensues.

Chris and Luo both fight their way through the various goons, working together and using their strengths. They work their way into the control room, dispatching “Skullface” and freeing the hostages.

With Owen heading out to the DMZ, Chris follows in hot pursuit with Mei, who shows up in Chris’ car to find Luo. Mei drives (awkwardly) while Chris directs her. While this is going on, back at the refinery, Luo fights Skullface.

How do the trio stop Owen?

After defeating Skullface, Professor Cheng shows up with big news. Owen’s group have broken the dongle and he can’t shut the refinery down. It’s all up to Chris now to try and stop Owen once and for all. He drives with Mei but when the latter crashes the car, Luo shows up in the jet engine truck.

They all ride together, straight into the tankers. A chain reaction then takes place, as the trucks hilariously topple into each other like some videogame glitch, flying in the air, tipping upside down and eventually smashing into Owen’s group.

How does Hidden Strike end?

Owen survives the carnage, but Chris is hell-bent on getting revenge. As Owen leaves on a desert buggy, our heroes use their jet engine rigger to zoom through the desert, colliding with Owen’s buggy and straight off a cliff.

Thankfully, Luo and Mei manage to survive. Mei sees that Luo has the other side of the torn photograph shown earlier in the movie, depicting Mei and her mother. “Now I understand,” Mei says, as she reconciles her differences with her father.

Chris survived too as he happens to be hanging on the cliff. they make it to the ledge but they’re stuck for now, calling out for help.

Is there a mid-credit sequence?

There is indeed! During the mid-credit sequence, the trio make it back to the village. Luo’s team apprehend the tankers out at sea. The village also gets water too, with a group effort in place to get the springs working. Just then, Luo’s team arrive and confirm there’s another mission. This time, Chris is invited along for the ride.

Ultimately, Luo rekindles his relationship with his daughter who’s now helping out in the village and likely to get in a relationship with Chris. As for Chris, he’s made peace with what’s happened to his father and now has renewed purpose in life.


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