Hi Bye, Mama! – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap and Review

Gang-Hwa’s Truth

With just two episodes left, Hi Bye Mama returns with more revelations as Min-Jeong realizes who her pick-up helper really is and we see exactly why Gang-Hwa blames himself and refused to go back to doing surgeries. The drama has definitely been an emotional roller coaster so far with some great performances from its actors too.

Episode 14 of Hi Bye Mama begins with a flashback as Yu-Ri calls her mum a couple of days before she is due to give birth, telling her that she is going into work. Her mum tries to convince her not to but she tells her she will be quick and not to worry. A few minutes later, her parents get the call that Yu-Ri has been killed before moving forward to a day in the temple where Eun-Sook speaks to other mothers and regrets not stopping Yu-Ri from going into work that day.
Back in the present, Min-Jeong tells her husband she blames herself for Seo-Woo going missing and wants him to open up about the past so that she can truly be a mother. He then reveals that the pick up helper is Yu-Ri and that she came back to life.
After locking herself in her room all night, Min-Jeong gets up but ignores Gang-Hwa as she gets Seo-Woo ready. She then tells him that she can’t believe what he told her. He insists though while Geun-Sang wonders if there really is a ghost following him after what Yu-Ri told him. He then talks to his wife about how worried he is for Yu-Ri and Gang-Hwa. This then prompts her to run out of the shop towards her best friend.
Meanwhile, Eun-Sook is berating her husband for losing Seo-Woo. He then starts hitting himself while Yu-Ri texts Min-Jeong to apologise. We then cut to the night before as Mi-Dong tells her what happened to the Pil-Seung family. Yu-Ri worries that it is her fault but Mi-Dong reassures her as they had been there for 20 years and knew how a mother felt. Suddenly, Hyeon-Jeong arrives to pick her up in a flashy car to spend the day together. She takes her to a zip line then a bike ride.

On a bench, Yu-Ri and Hyeon-Jeong discuss how Yu-Ri used to watch her as a ghost. Yu-Ri blames herself for making Gang suffer as he feels guilty while in the charnel house, the ghosts berates Mi-Dong for letting the Pil-Seung family go up without giving them a chance to say goodbye. Mi-Dong tells them that they need to stop avoiding the exorcist and let go of the regrets from their lives.

Remembering Gang-Hwa’s words, Min-Jeong decides to head towards Yu-Ri’s parent’s house. There, she sees Yu-Ri and Hyeon-Jeong coming back from their day together and greeted by her family which makes her realize that her husband has been telling the truth. We then see Yu-Ri and her family having a good time while eating and drinking.

Meanwhile, Geun-Sang calls Mi-Dong and asks her to come over. As soon as she arrives, she sees Sang-Bong and asks him what he is doing here. Geun-Sang wants to know too so the ghost replies that he is the only one that can do something for him which is to tell his mother he didn’t kill himself.

The next day, Min-Jeong speaks to Gang-Hwa about Yu-Ri and tells him he should have told her sooner. He tells her that she looked so happy and didn’t want her to get hurt. She then asks why he keeps torturing himself all the time while Yu-Ri finds out that Seo-Woo is not coming into school today which makes her very sad.

In hospital, after thinking about the words of his wife and Yu-Ri, Gang-Hwa decides to tell Doctor Jang that he will come and observe his surgery as he can’t carry on living like this.

Yu-Ri takes her mother to hospital for her check up and sadly notices that her heart starts racing whenever she sees a crosswalk. While in hospital, Yu-Ri overhears nurses talking about Gang-Hwa who attended a surgery but rushed out 10 minutes after it started. We then see him on the stairs having a panic attack and struggling to breathe. Yu-Ri rushes over and finds him in time to help him regain his breath. He then collapses in her arms, asking her why she left him all alone

We then see a flashback of the day Yu-Ri had the accident. The doctors were unable to reach Gang-Hwa in time to see her and say goodbye as he was in surgery and had the doors locked from the inside. When he finally came out, he rushed to his wife. This explains why he has been scared to go back to doing operations as he thinks things may have been different if he hadn’t been doing a surgery.

In the evening, Doctor Jang and Gang-Hwa have drinks together. The latter tells him he needs to let go while we see Yu-Ri looking at pictures of her evening with her family and deciding that she wants to live too.

In the restaurant, Hyeon-Jeong and Geun-Sang discuss the situation again. As Hyeon-Jeong reveals that Yu-Ri is going to die again soon, Gang-Hwa arrives and overhears what she just said.

The episode ends with a flashback in 2015 as Gang-Hwa tells his family that he has signed a petition to stop prioritizing VIP patients’ surgeries before jumping forward to a day after her death as Gang-Hwa blames himself for being in surgery when she was brought in.

With Yu-Ri now determined to live, Hi Bye Mama promises to offer some tense and emotional episodes as we reach the finale next week. The best ending would be Yu-Ri being allowed to live while finding a new place in her daughter’s and Gang-Hwa’s life.

Poor Gang-Hwa has been very torn since his late wife came back from the dead and perhaps this solution would allow him to finally move on as he tried to in this episode. Seeing what happened to him that fateful day was very harrowing to watch too while poor Min-Jeong has to deal with the difficult revelation of Yu-Ri being back. Just what will happen exactly next week remains to be seen but for now, Hi Bye Mama continues to deliver some great drama.

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