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Dad’s Old Boat – | Review Score – 3.5/5
Granny’s Street Fayre – | Review Score – 3.5/5
Amy’s Valentine Flowers – | Review Score – 4/5
Robin’s Best Man – | Review Score – 3.5/5
Cherry’s Wedding Dress  – | Review Score – 4/5
Mum’s New Tattoo – | Review Score – 4/5


One of the best British comedies in recent years makes a welcome return to our screens for a wonderful second season. As before, we follow the Jessop family through the camera lens of young Sam (Jude Morgan-Collie) who films his family as they go about their daily, incident-packed lives. 

Much of the same cast returns from the last season, with The IT Crowd’s Katharine Parkinson as Rachel the put-upon mom, the hilarious Jim Howick (Ghosts) as Paul the trying-to-be-hip dad, veteran actress Alison Steadman (Life is Sweet) as granny Sue, the talented Freya Parks as teenage daughter Amy, and the aforementioned Collie (the equally talented young actor whose face we rarely get to see) as Amy’s brother Sam.

Also in the show is Tom Basden (the show’s creator) as Rachel’s brother Robin and Tori Allan-Martin as Cherry, Robin’s snooty girlfriend. These characters are rarely as funny as the main bunch within the Jessop family but they still add to the show’s level of craziness when they appear on screen. 

If you enjoyed last season (and the Christmas special), you’re bound to enjoy these new episodes as the Jessop family gets into more silly mishaps throughout the season’s run.

The first episode gets things off to a fine and funny start with mature student Rachel making a fool of herself when she invites her much younger classmates to the house for a party. Only two students turn up, neither of whom are impressed with Rachel’s drinking game which takes a cue from the old British game show Play Your Cards Right. Her attempts to be cool end up as badly as you might expect, causing the students to make a quick exit

In episode 2, Jim is angry that somebody in the street is letting their dog use his driveway as a toilet. After setting up a doorbell cam, he gets a glimpse of the culprit and tries to track him down at the street fayre that Sue has organised. The legendary Harry Enfield guest stars in this episode that descends into chaos when Jim takes charge of the fayre’s security and Robin turns up in a hearse, an inappropriate vehicle that he is using for his ice cream business. 

It’s Valentine’s Day in episode 3 and somebody has sent Jim a card. Rachel is understandably concerned as she wasn’t the person who sent it. Jim thinks it might be a woman on his police training course but this mystery takes a back seat to scenes of Jim trying to impress the police soccer team with his knowledge of football. As expected, he doesn’t know the first thing about the game, which quickly becomes apparent when he insists on sitting on a bench as a sub instead of getting up to play.

It’s Robin and Cherry’s ‘hag do’ in episode 4, where everybody gets together to give them a good time on a weekend away. Of course, nothing goes to plan, which is unlucky for them but fortunate for us as we get to see them get into all kinds of scrapes, including a run-in with an unhappy male stripper. 

Rachel’s sister Abby and brother-in-law Boyd come to stay in episode 5, a situation that is uncomfortable for both Rachel and Jim as they can’t stand these unwelcome family visitors. The scenes between Jim and Boyd are particularly funny as Jim tries in vain to make the self-centred Boyd take an interest in others. 

In the final episode, Rachel’s decision to get a tattoo has unforeseen consequences and Jim (who is wearing a police hat that is too small for him) passes out during the police passing out parade. There are lots of funny scenes in the season finale, which makes it all the more upsetting when the closing credits start to roll. Don’t worry though, Season 3 has been given the green light, so we haven’t said farewell to the Jessop’s just yet.

Here We Go is that rare sitcom – a show that manages to be funny in every single episode. The comedy comes from the top-notch cast as well as the comical situations the characters find themselves in, and these aspects of the show are matched by the sparkling dialogue that is both hilarious and true-to-life as each member of the family interacts with one another.

It’s just a shame that Season 2 of Here We Go has only 6 episodes but it’s better to leave us wanting more, unlike that other (inexplicably) popular British sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys, which leaves us wanting less – much less! 

Here We Go flew under the radar for its first season, but in the UK, the second season has been given a primetime slot in the TV schedule. Hopefully, more people will latch onto this comedy as a consequence, as the more viewers it gets, the better the chance of it sticking around for the long term. If you haven’t seen this brilliantly funny show yet, now is the time to give it a go, as all episodes (in the UK) are currently available to watch on iPlayer. 


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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