Hell’s Paradise – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Weakness and Strength

Episode 3 of Hell’s Paradise begins with Gabimaru reflecting on the Chief of Iwagakure’s immortality. He and Sagiri traverse through Shinsenkyo. Gabimaru removes his bonds, and Sagiri tells him to rebind his hands. Despite having fair arguments, Sagiri reminds Gabimaru she’s not his ally and has no issues executing him.

Suddenly, one of the criminals, named Keiun, attacks Gabimaru. Gabimaru notices Keiun’s hands aren’t bound, so Sagiri asks his monitor Kisho why Keiun’s hands aren’t bound. Kisho responds that he could care less about Shougunate’s wishes. Meanwhile, Keiun’s infuriated that Gabimaru’s ignoring him. Gabimaru tells Keiun it’d be a waste of time to fight, but Keiun feels it’s best to eliminate his opponents now and find the Elixir later. Sagiri tells Gabimaru to bind his hands, and he proceeds to fight Keiun. Gabimaru defeats Keiun, and Kisho beheads him. He tells Gabimaru that if their criminal dies, the monitors must bring their heads back.

Kisho says he’s happy to be heading home early and confirms other criminals attempted to reduce their competition during their ride to Shinsenkyo. Some plotted to work together, and others aren’t following their duties or rules. Kisho reveals it’s best to put their priorities first over everything.

We also receive a glimpse of Eizen dying by Rokurota eating him. Kisho warns Sagiri that things will take an unexpected turn as criminals and monitors die. Kisho tells Gabimaru and Sagiri that there’s a rumor that this job will determine the next head of the Asaemon clan, so Kisho leaves, and Gabimaru attacks Sagiri.

In a flashback, the chief shows Gabimaru a dead family. He argues that love between parents and children shows weakness, so you must be strong to protect those you care about. Sagiri and Gabimaru engage in combat. Although Sagiri’s still uptight about the rules, Gabimaru reiterates Kisho’s words that it’s best to take priorities into consideration over the rules. He believes if the Iwagakure arrives on this island, everything will go up in smoke. Before that happens, he must locate the Elixir of Life. Despite arguing that Sagiri is a hindrance, Gabimaru hesitates to kill her.

With flashes of Gabimaru’s wife telling him it’s okay if you don’t harbor a desire to kill people, Gabimaru eventually defeats Sagiri and tells her he’s murdered so many people that he’s grown tired of it. He doesn’t feel anything when he murders now.

He tries killing Sagiri, but memories of his wife’s remarks prevent him. Gabimaru worries that his weakness will prevent him from seeing his wife again, just as Sagiri gets up and says she’ll overlook Gabimaru’s actions. She wants to face her deep emotions alongside Gabimaru and become stronger. Although their relationship hasn’t changed, Sagiri tells Gabimaru he isn’t the same heartless killer he once was.

Meanwhile, Tamiya and his monitor stumble upon some weird scenery. A human-faced bug stings Tamiya, so he chops off his hand. His monitor is bewildered at first, but Tamiya’s hand transforms into a plant – like what happened to the person who returned from Shinsenkyo. Suddenly, creatures appear on the island, and the episode concludes with Gabimaru preparing to engage in combat.

The Episode Review

Things take a drastic turn in this week’s chapter of Hell’s Paradise. Instead of delving into Sagiri’s mind, the chapter highlights Gabimaru’s struggle to murder people like he used to do. It appears his wife had a dramatic role in making him feel something when he slaughters people. The fight between him and Sagiri carried immense weight while offering fans some exhilarating combat.

From what we know so far, Shinsenkyo harbors some intriguing aspects. Judging by the characters clashing reactions toward the environment, it appears this island harbors some hidden mysteries. From its human-faced insects to its land fish, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that theirs more to this island than meets the eye. Whether the Elixir of Life is truly on this island begs to be seen.

Some characters take the fall a lot sooner than I anticipated. Judging by how much Eizen belittled Sagiri in the previous episode, you’d think he’d be able to handle his criminal with ease. However, the chapter subverts our expectations of his character by wiping him off completely. It’s unfortunate to see him die this early on, but it goes to show how powerful these criminals really are in comparison.

On that note, some fights conclude off-screen which is a shame. It would’ve been great to witness Gabimaru put Keikun in his place while having his hands bound together. Nonetheless, the other action sequences were top-notch and will get any anime fan’s heart pumping.

Overall, this was a wonderful episode that strengthened Sagiri and Gabimaru’s connection. It’ll be intriguing to see what else this series has in store for us in the coming weeks.

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