Hell’s Paradise – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Weak and Strong

Episode 11 of Hell’s Paradise begins with Doshi planning to return Choubei to the hole after defeating him in combat. However, Choubei pulls a fast one on Doshi and attacks him. Surprised, the Doshi ponders if Choubei fused with the plant-like organisms while in the hole. To make matters worse, Choubei senses “Tao” energy flowing through Doshi and questions if he needs “Tao” to kill the Tensen. Doshi asks Choubei how he’d feel if he was no longer human. Choubei doesn’t mind it.

We cut to a flashback during Choubei and Toma’s younger years. This reveals how Choubei lost sight in his left eye. Choubei continuously attacks Doshi and realizes their naval is their weak point. Doshi notices Choubei’s “Tao” energy is rapidly increasing over time. Doshi calls his Soshin subordinates to help him, but Toma says he’s slain them all. Choubei attacks the Doshi with all his might and confirms he’ll need to practice “Tao” if he hopes to get revenge on the Tensen. Choubei asks Toma to help him tie up Doshi while Toma questions if his brother will be okay because of the weird vine tattoos he has on his neck.

Meanwhile, Gantetsusai and the others fight their Soshin and Doshi. Gantetsusai asks Mei if he’s closer to controlling “Tao” energy, but she’s not helping much. Gabimaru notices Fuchi’s doing weird things to the Soshin. Fuchi says he’s analyzing their corpses and realizes not all their structures are similar. Doshi spots Mei and kidnaps her from Gantetsusai’s shoulder. He confirms he’s been secretly looking for her. Doshi says Mei was banished from the palace and disappeared from Horai. Rien told him not to look for Mei, but this situation allowed him to reunite with her.

Doshi tells Gabimaru she doesn’t belong with humans since he feeds off of humans like the Tensen. Doshi asks Mei to return to Horai and lead them. Gabimaru interferes with Doshi’s plan to capture Mei. Doshi summons his subordinate and plans to turn Gabimaru, Gantetsusai, and Fuchi into Tan. They engage in combat with both Doshi but are overwhelmed by their might. The Doshi ask Gabimaru why he’s insistent on helping Mei, and he says he’s doing the right thing. Gabimaru asks both Doshi why they’re obsessed with Mei.

The Doshi confirm they study with “Tao” and use it for training. They argue Mei is essential to that training regime and say all living things have “Tao.” He explains the five methods to mastering “Tao.” These include “Doin, Taisoku, Shuitsu, Shuten, and Bochu Jutsu.” The latter is important since it requires a partner because it involves the circulation of yin, yang, and congress (intercourse). Doshi continues by saying that everyone possesses yin and yang qi and must grow their Tao until both circulate. He says the mind and body are prepared for training through Doin and Taisoku, leading to both parties’ yin and yang undergoing “Bochu Jutsu.”

Going through this process heightens one’s Tao to possess the power to change the laws of nature. He argues the Tensen helped them develop this technique. Doshi confirms they’ve trained for numerous years to achieve the greatest Tao possible. Since the Doshi are male they possess yang qi, while Mei possesses yin qi of the highest quality. He confirms Mei was banished since she’s an inferior Tensen who only has yin qi and can’t transform. However, they plan to perform “Bochu Jutsu” with her to achieve proficient Tao energy.

Doshi confirms Rien gave Mei the scars on her back and gave her two conditions to die or to engage in Bochu Jutsu with the Doshi. Gabimaru and Gantetsusai engage in combat with the Doshi. Gabimaru realizes they’re weaker than the Tensen, but he can’t seem to detect their Tao. Fuchi tells them their minds must be strong and weak to see Tao. He says he deciphered her words and had her demonstrate.

Mei helps Gabimaru see Tao, and Mei confirms his Tao energy is big. Gabimaru fights the Doshi now with a proper understanding of Tao and argues he’s finally on par with the Tensen. The Doshi explains their plans of attack to Gabimaru. Gabimaru and Gantetsusai slay them. Sagiri and her allies reach Horai.

The episode closes with Mu Dan using his powers to chop off Hoko’s head.

The Episode Review

This chapter gave fans a deep dive into “Tao,” the energy our protagonists need to master to defeat the Tensen. This was a much-needed explanation of its fundamentals and how it all works. Viewers will be thrilled to see Gabimaru and Gantetsusai’s Doshi adversaries get defeated in battle considering the awful plans they had for Mei. On that note, Mei’s backstory is unfortunate.

While it’s great to receive confirmation that she’s one of the Tensen, it hurts to see her get abused by her fellow brethren. Anyone who has been through some type of abuse from those they deem family will empathize with Mei and understand why she’s so shy and scared of being around strangers. At the same time, she’ll be a crucial component in helping our protagonists defeat Rien and his allies.

As for Sagiri and company, I’m unsure how they’ll triumph over Mu Dan. None of them have encountered the Tensen before nor showed any understanding of Tao. That said, we’ve never seen Yuzuriha engage in combat yet. She could be withholding a power that’ll give Sagiri and Senta some assistance in the fight. However, it’ll be in their best interest to find a way to flee from Mu Dan.

Overall, this was a slow-burner chapter of Hell’s Paradise. It had some great action sequences to give viewers time to breathe, but it was mostly filled with intel about Tao, the Tensen, and Mei’s past. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sagiri and her group plan to do against Mu Dan in the next episode.

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