Hello Tomorrow! – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

What Could Be Better?

Does Joey give Lester the evidence against Jack?

In Hello Tomorrow! Season 1 Episode 10, passengers arrive for the launch to the moon. Joey shows up as well, but to tell Jack he can’t allow him to send up those people. Jack again tries to convince him he’s doing the right thing. He tells him he wasted a lot of his life thinking his own dad was a failure. But now thinks he was playing the long game. He just had to open his eyes to what his dad was doing.

Lester interrupts to stop the launch and arrest Jack for fraud. First, he needs the evidence Joey promised to get him. But Joey walks back his claims, leaving nothing for Lester to act on.

Myrtle thinks Lester showed up to go with her so they could be together. When she finds out he came to enforce the law, she’s angry at him all over again. Dejected, Lester leaves and allows the launch to proceed.

Does Eddie kill Sal?

Since losing his hand to a toaster, Eddie now has a new artificial one thanks to blackmailing Jack.

Unfortunately, Sal shows up to threaten Eddie and Shirl again. When he grabs Shirley, Eddie goes for Sal’s neck, but he can’t control his new hand and chokes Sal until he passes out.

Eddie and Shirley secretly load Sal onto the rocket in a body bag. They then try to tell Herb and Betty that they shouldn’t go on the rocket and that Jack is a crook, but they don’t believe them.

It seems at first that Eddie has killed Sal. But later, the body bag begins to shake. Sal is alive in there.

Do Jack and Joey leave with the rocket?

Once on board, Jack and Joey come up with a reason to get the passengers off the rocket, telling them they don’t have the safety vests necessary for the launch. 

They load all the passengers onto the elevator to leave. Jack then pulls a lever stopping the elevator, thus trapping the customers there. He tells Joey the rocket will still launch, meaning more people will invest in the business–meaning they will actually be able to build houses on the moon for the customers they have now.

He sways Joey, who basks in Jack’s pride in him. Even Shirley and Eddie regain confidence in him when they see what his plan is.

Does Marie wake up from her coma?

Joey’s mom wakes up from her coma, and the first thing she sees is a picture of Jack that Barbara left on her bedside table.

Just as Joey is about to send the rocket up, Barbara calls them with the news that Marie is awake. Jack hands over the launch button to Mrs. Selwyn so he and Joey can go see Marie. He assures Joey he’s been thinking of this reunion for the last twenty years. The father and son hug, thinking of being a family again. 

When they reunite with Marie at her house, she doesn’t remember either of them. But she hugs Jack and tells him she’s happy he’s there.

Do the Brightside customers make it back to the rocket?

Lester has been walking away from the rocket, but then decides instead to dismiss his briefcase and go back for Myrtle. 

In the elevator, Betty makes Herb acknowledge that this situation is Jack’s fault. Herb suddenly becomes very angry. He rouses every one to scream for help. Lester hears them and turns the switch to open the elevator.

Last off the elevator is Myrtle, whom Lester asks to accompany. They take hands and embark on a new journey together, without Lester’s briefcase and commitment to rule-following. Soon, all the customers settle back onto the rocket.

Does Mrs. Selwyn launch the rocket?

Once everyone is back on the rocket, Walt initiates the prelaunch sequence. Eddie and Shirley notice too late that everyone has boarded. Once Walt approves the launch, Mrs. Selwyn pushes the button to send the rocket up.

How does Hello Tomorrow! Season 1 End?

Joey tells Marie the three of them had great years together. Both he and Jack indulge in the fantasy that they’ve always been a family together and that Marie simply can’t remember it.

Jack sees the rocket launching from their house. Not knowing that people are actually on it, he happily points it out and promises that one day they’ll all go up there together.

But Marie stops him. Her memories are confused, but she doesn’t seem to believe his words. “We weren’t really that happy… were we?” she asks him.

The Episode Review

You just can’t make an honest salesman out of Jack Billings. We thought the worst gambler on the show was Eddie, but it’s Jack by a long shot. He can’t help gambling the lives and money of innocent people for the slim chances of a brighter tomorrow.

There’s a bittersweet note to this retro-futuristic drama. What is a brighter tomorrow worth, it asks, if it treats with contempt the needs of today? The concern of the season and its finale is rightly in the wellbeing of its characters over Jack’s false hopes for them.

Despite that, however, the finale doesn’t improve at all upon the flatness of its characters and weakness of their personal storylines. Like Jack’s sales pitches, Hello Tomorrow!’s promises ring empty.

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  1. Jack is a Bernie Madoff, pure and simple… runnning a huge Ponzi Scheme and hoping time will keep the “dream” alive. Jack is not likable, as he lies to everyone… his customers, employees, friends, and himself. He’s a crook, plain and simple, and should go to jail. To actually populate the moon would cost trillions and trillions of dollars… infrastructure, rockets… etc… truly a dream that could never come to fruition without outragous sums of money. I tried to like the show, but it only shows greed at the expense of others who are conned.

  2. Gotta say I disagree. I watched all episodes (finished the last two today), and even though this is not the best show I ever wached (that would be Breaking Bad), this is not at all as bad as you depict it. “Hollow”? I think you see the comedic elements as being drama in need of improvement, and the contrast between comedic and tragic as being lack of development. De gustibus non est disputandum etc. etc. etc., but I thought the show was truly great — giving them a dream (the American Dream?) has a price, one that Jack is not willing to pay… I very much feel like watching the second season if there’ll be one.

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