Hello Tomorrow! – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Gargon Mothership” Recap & Review

The Gargon Mothership

Episode 8 of Hello Tomorrow! Season 1 begins with Shirley walking out on Jack after he admits to having scammed everyone on his own. She’s not interested in trying to make the business a reality with him. She’s done.

Meanwhile, a rocket makes its way to Walter’s launching grounds. All the customers of Brightside who just received their refunds see it in the sky. When Herb and Betty claim it’s one of Brightside’s own, the people start to wonder if Brightside was telling the truth all along. So, they all make their way to Walt’s place to see it land.

They’re not the only ones who see the rocket. Buck does too. Believing it to be the Gargon mothership, he makes his way to the launch pad, with Jack on his heels.

Joey, meanwhile, makes his way to the office. Even though he knows about the company’s lies, Jack’s hope was persuasive to him. He starts to wonder if he could help make Brightside into something real. Shirley advises him not to get caught up in Jack’s schemes, however. She then lets him know why Jack cares about him so much: He’s his father.

Eddie and Shirley later find each other–Eddie depressed over losing his money to Betty’s theft, and Shirley distraught over Jack’s betrayal. They leave Brightside together.

Jack follows Buck to the launching pad, where they stand right in the path of the rocket. Jack is eventually about to talk Buck down. When they get to safety, they’re greeted by Herb and a gaggle of customers who are awed at Buck “The Space Sheriff’s” apparent return from the moon.

They start to believe in Jack again, and some customers rescind their refunds. Even Myrtle wonders if she was too hasty to judge Brightside harshly. 

Before leaving, Jack plants the idea in Walter’s mind of actually working for Brightside. The rockets he’s been launching have been for cargo transportation reasons, but Jack tries to convince Walt he could be happier doing more important things.

With Brightside’s name cleared, Jack is able to make his big sale to Mrs. Selwyn. He then tries to make Joey his partner, but Joey doesn’t want any of it. He tells Jack he doesn’t care who he thinks he is–he’s not his father.

The Episode Review

While this is one of the show’s better episodes, it’s simply too late for any tensions or developments to suddenly be satisfying. These half-baked arcs have dragged on for a while now, so I won’t be clapping for Joey standing up to Jack, no matter how moving that action should be. My heart’s simply not in it.

In the convoluted-yet-elementary journey we’ve taken to get to this point, we’re finally getting close to some answers and resolutions concerning Jack’s plans for Brightside. While I don’t think it could save the drudgery of the show, I’m very ready for everything to come crumbling around Jack Billings. When will he learn that sincerity will save more people over false hope?

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