Hello Tomorrow! – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Forms, Appropriately Filled and Filed

In Hello Tomorrow! Season 1 Episode 4, Lester freezes Brightside’s operations due to their lack of compliance in filling out appropriate forms. Jack and Shirl give their employees a day off. What they don’t tell them is that selling anything in Vistaville could result in arrest. Learning this from Lester, Myrtle sticks around the Brightside employees to try and get one of them to make a sale.

Shirley tries to get information for Lester’s forms from HQ, but Jack has been too busy with Joey to fill those secret shoes.

Meanwhile, Joey has a date with a girl he’s long been crushing on. It goes well, but he feels stuck when the girl’s father demands to meet his parents before they can go out again. Luckily for him, Jack offers to step into the role of his father.

On his day off, Eddie enlists Herb to watch a jetball game with him. Paying off his debts rides on whether his team wins, so Fred waits in the bar with them to see whether he needs to follow through on his threats to Eddie. Luckily for Eddie, his team wins. He’s now able to pay Fred and show Shirl his plans for their future: living in a B-Plex on the moon. Meanwhile, Herb and Betty reconcile.

Joey and Jack pretend to have the perfect relationship when Joey introduces Jack to his date’s father. But the father doesn’t believe them until Joey tells him his mother is in a coma and Jack confesses he’s been an absent father until. It’s closer to the truth than Joey knows.

Once Joey is on good terms with him, he convinces his date’s father to buy something from Brightside. It’s the sale Myrtle has been waiting for, and she’s there to catch him in the act.

When Shirl tries to confront Jack about his preoccupation with Joey, she learns from Joey’s date the true nature of Jack’s relationship to the employee. Jack finally confesses to Shirl that Joey is his son, but he doesn’t know it. When Shirl wishes him luck in his situation, he decides he’s going to tell Joey the truth tonight.

But when Joey later tells him good night, Jack can’t do it. He’d rather continue the facade they put on for the sake of Joey’s date.

The Episode Review

Hello Tomorrow! continues to slowly creep its way to a reckoning for Jack and his deceitful operations at Brightside. An awkward father-son scenario keeps the plot relatively interesting, but the show will have to introduce more risk and intrigue if it wants to hold onto viewers.

Myrtle might just be the vehicle to do that. She’s one interesting character the series has failed to utilize much yet. Hurt and a little bit unhinged, the former housewife and her twisted idea of vengeance will likely hurt innocent people (the unwitting and innocent employees of Brightside) more than the person who really deserves to be held to account: Jack Billings.

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