Hello, Me! – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Fate Of Joa Confectionary

Episode 14 of Hello Me begins with Yu-Hyeon returning to Joa Confectionary in a brand new suit. He immediately waltzes into the company office and makes Ji-Sook squirm. Yu-Hyeon is joined by his blind Father, who shows up in a wheelchair and immediately adjourns the board meeting. Ji-Sook is shocked, unsure what to do as Han’s wrath is about to be felt.

It’s here we cut back slightly to see the events leading up to this moment. Do-Yun hands over files to her Father, lying that they’re not the transfer of shares but an entirely different document altogether. Thankfully, Han’s assistant lets him know the truth.

Yu-Hyeon heads in next and mentions the restructuring of the company, dancing around the truth about Han’s blindness. Eventually though Han does open up and admit the truth. Yu-Hyeon brushes this aside and tells him it doesn’t bother him It’s a really touching moment, and one that sees this Father/son duo embracing and patching up their differences.

Back at the meeting, Ji-Sook is kicked out as she tries to come to terms with what’s happening. At the same time, Ji-Eun receives some troubling news from the doctor. Thanks to the stress she’s currently been put under, her baby’s foetus is smaller than it should be for this time of her pregnancy.

Back at Joa Confectionary, Chairman Han’s return brings restructuring off the table – at least for now. Yu-Hyeon wheels Han out into the hallway, where Ha-Ni catches a glimpse of Yu-Hyeon in his new suit. Now she’s aware of Yu-Hyeon’s real identity, it leaves her reeling and wondering what to do next.

In the wake of this, Ha-Ni and Ji-Eun head out for a drink together, discussing their recent turn of events. In order to try and help with their stress, they decide to go out for karaoke after work. It works well too, as Ha-Ni eventually heads homes alone. She rings Scarlett to say hi, clearly missing her before Yu-Hyeon shows up at her door.

Yu-Hyeon holds Ha-Ni’s hands, apologizing for what’s happened in the past and his behaviour. He admits he needed time to sort himself out, but every time he felt stressed or depressed, he simply thought of her which gave him comfort.

While Ji-Eun speaks to Do-Yun and tries to work through their marital problems, Yu-Hyeon speaks to his Father. They discuss foolishness and the future, with Yu-Hyeon remembering Ha-Ni’s words of wisdom to him in the past.

Speaking of foolishness, Ji-Sook decides to try and rally the stockholders against Chairman Han. This is her last stand, determined to usurp him from his position as Chairman. With more shares and influence on her side, things don’t look good for Chairman Han’s prospects.

Meanwhile, Ha-Ni’s family gather for dinner that evening. Only, Ha-Ni’s grandmother only recognizes Scarlett and not the older Ha-Ni. To make things more awkward, Seong-U shyly drops some meat into Scarlett’s bowl. Ha-Young is shocked, and speaks to her son in private.

He tells her he’s in love with Scarlett, prompting Ha-Young to slap him abruptly, bemoaning his awful taste in women. At thee same time, Scarlett overhears Ok-Jung tell Ha-Ni that she’s going to visit her Father. He has, of course, passed away so this is going to be quite the shock for her.

Back at Joa Confectionary, the company’s future hangs in the balance. Ji-Eun arrives and speaks to her team, telling them she supports their decision to try and sway this in their favor. Yu-Hyeon gathers all the troops, including Seung-Seok, and gives an impassioned speech.

Among the growing support are some of the customers themselves, who admire the products Joa offer and want to try and support the company’s vision going forward.

This sets up Ha-Ni and Yu-Hyeon to work hard in a bid to usurp Ji-Sook and destabilize her position with the shareholders.

Speaking of destabilizing, Anthony is approached while he’s in the middle of his big break. Unfortunately the secret about his identity is leaked, including how he used to be a bully in the past. It’s a devastating blow and one that sees Anthony exposed for being the bully back during his Chun-Sik days.

Poor Anthony is haunted by the ghosts of his past, although Scarlett heads over and tries to help him. She encourages the star to face the problem head-on rather than let it build up – especially with the way he’s drinking away the problem. This story, of course, is eerily similar to what’s going on in Korea at the moment.

Back at Joa Confectionary, the team all gather ready for the big day. Up in the offices, Do-Yun and Ji-Eun finally talk, with the latter admitting that she didn’t go through with the plagiarism issue after all. It’s a big moment for them both, one that sees the pair finally hug and end up on the same page.

After giving Anthony a lot to think about, Scarlett follows her Mother as she heads out to see her Father. Here, Scarlett realizes, to her horror, that her Father has passed away.

The Episode Review

Hello, Me! has been a really solid drama and while it may not offer anything particularly unique or outstanding, it has been a very solid ride up until this point. Quite how the situation between Ha-Ni and Scarlett will be resolved still remains to be seen but it looks like we’re in for a lot more drama to come.

The sub-plot with Anthony’s bullying is an interesting one and the eerily similar situation to what’s happening in Korea right now makes it a lot more realistic and sensitive than it perhaps would be otherwise.

Alongside that is Chairman Han’s sudden blindness and him patching up his differences with Yu-Hyeon. This has been the most satisfying part of Hello, Me, and seeing how they’ve reconciled their differences and are now on the same page is really heartwarming.

Then again, the same can be said for Ha-Ni too, who has now learned to accept and stick up for herself, becoming a better person in the process.

All in all, Hello Me is poised for a lovely finish to come next week.

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