Helldivers 2 Explained: What are Warbonds and how do they work?

Helldivers 2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Helldivers 2 guide! We’ll be honing in to every part of this game, helping you through the missions, collecting achievements and seeing everything there is to see.

In this article, we’ll be looking at Warbonds in particular, explaining how they work and how Super Credits and real-world currency plays into all of that.

What are Warbonds?

Helldivers 2 uses a unique version of a Battle Pass, which it calls Warbonds. This system allows players to acquire new gear. Unlike in other live service games of its kind, the Warbonds acquired here will not expire, so there is that.

Warbonds are similar to loot boxes but one advantage of these sets is that you can see exactly what you get before opening them. It’s a minor point but an important one to note all the same.

Watbonds aren’t locked behind a paywall or timer either, but there are a fair few Premium Warbonds that cost extra money on top of the base price of the game. For a few additional armour sets and weapons, it’ll set you back an extra $10 (at least at the time of writing)

How do you buy Warbonds?

Warbonds can be purchased by spending in-game currency called Super Credits. These can be earned by completing missions, which you can either do solo or with others. Some items in Warbonds can drastically alter the way you play with specific stats attached to them, which does, unfortunately, bring the discussion of pay-to-win into question. Time will tell whether this game devolves into that or not.

Arrowhead Studios has only announced one Warbond coming to Helldivers 2 for now. This Warbond is included within the Super Citizen Edition, but you can unlock this in-game by earning Super Credits.

The first Warbond has the following items inside:

  • 3 Unique Armor Sets
  • 3 Unique Capes
  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive – Assault Rifle
  • SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary – Shotgun
  • JAR-5 Dominator – Explosive Weapon
  • P-4 Senator – Pistol
  • G-10 Incendiary – Standard Grenade

Nothing is locked behind a paywall (for now) as you can earn with in-game credits but given the game has only just released, we’ll have to wait and see whether Arrowhead drop some Warbonds in the future that are give big boosts to certain weapons or armour sets.

What do you think of Helldivers 2? Are you playing through the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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