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Helck – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Power of Heroes

Episode 15 of Helck Season 1 begins with Helck infiltrating the Demon Lord’s castle and bumping into Azudra. Helck battles Azudra, asking why the demons send monsters to the Kingdom. Azudra says the demons aren’t responsible for spawning monsters as they come from the land. He explains Demon Lord Thor should’ve informed their Hero of the matter. Both men properly introduce themselves to each other as Azudra explains this Kingdom is a part of a major Demon empire. 

Azudra says the demons have no intentions of waging war with humans. Azudra says there’s an uptick in monster activity at the kingdom because the humans sieged the castle. Azudra shows Helck a burial ground he made for his people and Helck questions why he doesn’t hold a grudge against the humans. Azudra says he hopes to reforge friendly relations with humanity. Helck tells Vermilio he had a heartfelt conversation with Azudra, highlighting the demonkin’s origins and what led to the fallout between them and humans. 

Azudra tells Helck he believes Thor wanted to establish peace with Cless due to the former’s pacifist roots. Azudra tells Helck he set up a quasi-barrier, which should lower the number of monsters spawning in the kingdom. He tells Helck that once a new Demon Lord arises, everything should be better. He hands him a flier about a competition that’ll help them crown the new Demon Lord. Helck leaves for the kingdom to tell the people the truth about the demons. 

Despite knowing the truth, Helck admits he hesitated to tell the kingdom’s citizens the truth. He feels it’s best to inform someone with actual power to let the people know. Helck arrives at the aftermath of the kingdom’s battle with monsters and rushes to a tavern to check on his mercenary friends. They’re a bit wounded from the battle but tell him they’re okay. They explain their qualms with the kingdom’s nobles, as they force them into a battle they couldn’t retreat from. 

In a flashback, Alicia yells at one of the noble soldiers for opening the gates, resulting in many mercenaries and soldiers’ demise. The noble soldier says the lives of nobles hold more value than lowly commoners and mercenaries. They tell Helck that Alicia and Edil are minorly injured and want him to visit the Kingdom’s castle to let them know he’s okay. Helck overhears some commoners say they rounded up three demons and are torturing them in the Kingdom’s main area. 

As he watches people throw rocks at them, resulting in Helck stands up for them. The citizens find Helck’s actions atrocious and turn on him. The demon slaves thank Helck for sticking up for him and say Cless did the same thing. Suddenly, Mr. Raphaed approaches Helck and tells them the demons have taken advantage of his kindness and will always be evil. Three soldiers dispose of the demons after they transform and terrorize the humans. Alicia and Edil rush over to Helck as Mr. Raphaed tells Helck to believe in his words. 

Afterwards, Mr. Raphaed informs the citizens that Demon Lord Thor is only a small part of a more powerful evil that commands the Demon Realm. He says they have a secret weapon called “awakening” that’ll help them be on par with demonkind. Helck explains more fights broke out between the humans and monsters. He wasn’t sure whether to trust Azudra’s words or not during the time. Helck asks Alicia if she can attend a restaurant with him since he wants to ask for advice regarding Azudra’s message. 

Before Helck could inform Edil about Azudra’s words, a man who fought alongside Cless enters their room. The episode closes with him telling Helck he needs his help with something. 

The Episode Review

We continue exploring Helck’s past and learn more intel about what led to his adoration of the demons. It appears Azudra had more of a role in Helck’s change of heart toward these creatures than folks imagined. Although Helck’s somewhat on the fence with Azudra’s words, the nobles, and the kingdom’s citizens aren’t doing him any favors. 

Given what we know of Helck’s childhood and the atrocities he’s witnessed from the kingdom in the previous chapters, too, it makes sense for him to develop curiosity and resentment toward humanity. At the same time, this episode gives us insight into Demon Lord Thor’s pacifist nature, showing that he is a kind-hearted individual.

It’ll make viewers wonder why Cless returned in terrible shape from the battle though. It’s possible some of the warriors who accompanied Cless on the mission turned against him because he wanted to establish peace with Thor. This could’ve resulted in Cless defending Thor from his allies, leading him to be in the predicament he’s in now. 

It’s possible the warrior chatting with Helck and Edil will reveal this tidbit of information in the next chapter, further enticing Helck to think poorly of humanity and believe Azudra’s words. We’ll have to wait and see on that front, though.

Overall, this was another enjoyable and informative chapter of Helck. I’m interested to see what happens in episode 16. 

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