Heist Season 1 Review – A thrilling & stylishly produced true crime series

Season 1

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Sex Magick Money Murder Part 1
Sex Magick Money Murder Part 2
The Money Plane Part 1
The Money Plane Part 2
The Bourbon King Part 1
The Bourbon King Part 2


Despite its bland, generic title, Heist is anything but ordinary. Netflix’s latest true crime series centers on three different stories, split across two parts, about men and women that almost get away with the heists of a century. Stylish, well-written and incredibly endearing, this one’s a must-watch.

The first story centers on Heather Tallchief, a woman swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger. This man happens to be a career criminal by the name of Roberto Solis. Together, the pair set out to steal $3.1 million from an armored truck.

The second story hones in on the largest heist in US history, concocted by Karls Monzon. Alongside him for the ride are a group of Cuban-Americans who set their sights on Miami International Airport as their target.

With millions on the table, a high-speed chase and a surprising plot twist, this story feels like something ripped right out of a TV show. There’s irony in that statement though given these men studied TV shows to pull off the heist.

The third and final chapter takes a slightly different approach. Instead of cold hard cash as the prize, this tale centers on Toby Curtsinger and his plot to steal the world’s most expensive Bourbon.

Each of these stories use a really stylish technique of combining reenactments, split screen shots, archival pictures and in-depth face to face interviews to great effect. The visuals and style feels much closer to something like McMillions too, and for those that have watched HBO’s series, you’ll instantly notice the similarities.

Heist largely focuses on the robberies themselves although there’s also a good inclusion of the characters and people behind these plots. Understanding their motivations and what drove these men and women is a nice inclusion.

The first parts of these stories center on the robbers and those behind the heists. With a handy countdown timer, we see the days and weeks leading up to the big robberies before an in-depth breakdown of heist day.

The second parts then shift perspective slightly to include more of the law enforcement behind these cat and mouse chases. These parts generally occur after the heist, with the days and months after the heist as the central focus. These parts are much more expansive, branching out to include a variety of different people involved in the cases. The three stories chosen also have conclusive endings too, which is nice.

Don’t be put off by the generic title though; Heist is a slickly produced, engrossing docu-series. The only disappointment here is that there’s only six episodes to chew through. Netflix rarely disappoints when it comes to true crime offerings and that much is especially true here. Heist is a thoroughly enjoyable series and a must-watch for true crime fans.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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