Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Imperial Tomb

Episode 12 of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 begins with Hua Cheng wishing Xie Lian goodbye. The scrap god then turns to comfort Feng Xin who begrudgingly compliments Hua Cheng’s swift clearance of Qi Rong’s den. Shi Qingxuan lightens the mood and they return to the Heavenly Capital.

What happens to Xie Lian in the Heavenly Capital?

They arrive to everyone gossiping over what may have happened. Lang Qianqiu telepathically clears Xie Lian and reveals that he is after the real culprit, Qi Rong. Mu Qing tries to goad Xie Lian but is put in his place. Pei Ming takes responsibility for the security breach and they are told to strengthen it.

Everyone leaves grumbling that there is always some drama with Xie Lian but he always gets off the hook easily. Jun Wu doesn’t mind and is happy that Xie Lian has stopped trying to take the blame for the massacre. Xie Lian suddenly asks about the spy and Jun Wu accepts the accusation.

He explains that he sent Ming Yi as a spy since Hua Cheng has his own spies in court. The ghost king knows everything instantly and also has access to Heaven which is dangerous. Xie Lian tries to defend Hua Cheng by pointing out that he has the power and that if he wanted to wreak havoc he would have but he hasn’t. Jun Wu simply states that he needs to be careful regardless.

Where does Xie Lian go after being freed?

Left alone, Xie Lian suddenly becomes overwhelmed by all the events – his parents, confronting Qi Rong, Qianqiu, and his lie about the massacre falling through. He descends to Earth and lands on Mount Taicang. A flashback shows a beautiful hill with a cultivation centre and temple of Xianle with a baby Xie Lian wanting to join the cultivators.

It is now abandoned and has turned into a thorny wasteland. He sneaks into a broken-down temple to the imperial tomb underneath. As he talks to his parents about meeting Qi Rong and wondering what to do about his cousin, he hears a sound from his mother’s coffin. However, her body is gone and in her place is Guzi, the kid from the den.

Someone wearing the king’s garb attacks and it is revealed to be Qi Rong. A flashback shows him slithering out of the cauldron and possessing Guzi’s father. Xie Lian is furious as Qi Rong destroys his parents’ bodies. Xie Lian attacks but Guzi begs him to leave his father alone. The scrap god is torn as Qi Rong keeps provoking him, telling him that he knows his true side and he is not as righteous as he seems. Xie Lian’s composure breaks.

What happens at the end of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 12?

It cuts to all the events that have happened in the last few days and Xie Lian telling Hua Cheng not to idolize someone as the illusion will break once he gets closer. A montage displays the fall of Xianle and everyone turning on Xie Lian. However, only a young Hua Cheng refuses to forget him. It cuts to him showing up as San Lang in the hay cart. At the end of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 12, Hua Cheng says that this time he will be with Xie Lian all the way.

The Episode Review

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 12 gives us a quiet but impactful finale. Jun Wu is shady as usual with his backhanded compliments and wariness of Hua Cheng. Feng Xin and Mu Qing have a complicated past with Xie Lian. We only get a glimpse of Hua Cheng but his last words are even more eventful as he suggests that he won’t be letting go of Xie Lian anymore. 

Glad to see that Qi Rong is not gone. He is just an annoying little gremlin but one can’t help but get entertained by his ramblings. And even though he possesses a human, the animators do a great job of giving us his catty, villainous face.

The season 2 finale also sets the stage for season 3 and gives us a teaser of what to expect with the last few seconds of the finale. It is most surely following the TGCF novels and we are bound to get all the 3 arcs from Book 2 with the flashback of pre-fall Xianle, Xie Lian’s ascendence and the fall. We only hope the studio renews the donghua even if it takes them another couple of years!

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  1. I read all your recaps and thank you for your descriptive, easy to read reviews. There were def. Some parts that I got confused on but cleared up after reading your reviews. I do hope they do Season 3! With the live action possibly never showing, I hope they continue the Dongua for the fans!

  2. Very good summary and fans share the hope the studio will present a Season 3. But if not, the finale spread out over the last several episodes was intriguing and moving. And along with the animators successful visual of Qi Rong, his voice actor was excellent.

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