Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Who Is Lord Anle

Episode 9 of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 begins with the little kid, Gu Zi running after his father. San Lang changes into his menacing Hua Cheng persona and chokes Qi Rong. Xie Lian is shocked to see him so angry and tells him to calm down. However, the ghost king suddenly takes away his voice.

Unable to interrupt, Xie Lian watches as Hua Cheng keeps asking who killed Lord Anle. Qi Rong claims it was Lang Qianqiu but the god changes back and accuses him of lying. After being pulverized by Hua Cheng, Qi Rong gives in as he gleefully reveals all — Lord Anle was the last royal of Xianle.

He pretended to befriend Qianqiu on orders of Qi Rong and then teamed up with the remaining royals of Xianle to kill the royals of Yong’an. They are the ones who orchestrated the Gilded Banquet Massacre. Qi Rong has no idea who Fang Xin is and is just glad he took the blame. 

Hua Cheng finally lets Xie Lian speak who tries to refute it all. Qi Rong turns out to be his cousin and used to look up to him before the fall of Xianle. The Green Ghost realises who Fang Xin is and finds it funny that Xie Lian tried to look after Qianqiu who ended up wrongly blaming his teacher and ‘killing’ him.

Hua Cheng is furious but Xie Lian tells him to stop. Qi Rong notices their interaction and finds it hilarious as well. He keeps insulting Xie Lian for being a disgrace but the moment he insults Hua Cheng, Xie Lian smacks him. He tries to tell Qianqiu not to believe Qi Rong but Hua Cheng stops him. 

Qi Rong finally reveals what happened with Anle after the massacre. Everyone thought he died of an illness but when Qi Rong examined his body, he noticed marks left by Fangxin, the sword, which means Xie Lian killed Anle. Qianqiu looks confused while Xie Lian looks sad.

A flashback shows Xie Lian as Fang Xin hanging out with Qianqiu in the Yong’an districts where the exiled Xianle residents stay. Qianqiu tries to stop a robbery and the people almost believe that he is trying to rob a poor Xianle citizen due to their enmity. But the owner shows up and all is forgiven.

It is the day before the banquet and Qianqiu has a fun time in the districts. Xie Lian uses the opportunity to reveal that Xianle and Yong’an were one country before they got divided. But they are one again and everyone including the Xianle people are Qianqiu’s subjects. The young prince agrees to take care of all equally. That night, Qi Rong shows up in front of Anle with a bag at the end of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 9.

The Episode Review

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 9 is finally getting close to the truth as to what happened at the massacre. And while we don’t have all the information, we can now slightly predict why Xie Lian is so adamant about taking the blame. If it is revealed that the Xianle royals are responsible for the massacre, Yong’an may be hellbent on taking revenge on the innocent Xianle commoners. 

By the way, love just how deranged Qi Rong is. He literally doesn’t care about anything, even when he has the dangerous Hua Cheng staring daggers at him. Oh, but just how annoyingly in love are a certain ghost king and scrap god? They don’t even blink when someone is insulting them but cannot stand it when their loved one is insulted. Disgusting. We want more.

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