Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Sneak Attack

Episode 7 of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 begins with Xie Lian trying to comfort San Lang and E’ming that he is fine. Meanwhile, Shi Qingxuan coaches Feng Xin and Mu Qing on how to use the dice to find them. However, the two officials keep messing up as first, they end up in a woman’s bathhouse and then a crocodile swamp.

San Lang lets Xie Lian in on a secret – that the number one rolls leads them to their most feared places. Feng Xin and Mu Qing start bickering on whose fault it is and even the crocodiles are confused. Xie Lian uses the opportunity to ask if he can see San Lang if he rolls a 2 as that is what he had rolled when he was under house arrest. San Lang says no as he will show up no matter what number Xie Lian rolls.

They are interrupted as Lang Qianqiu arrives with Xie Lian’s sword, Fangxin. Xie Lian finally agrees to a duel as he takes his sword but with the clause that Qianqiu should accept whatever outcome. However, with his grand speech, he distracts Qianqiu and takes him down with Ruoye. He points out that Qianqiu did not say that they should only use a sword. An upset Qianqiu confesses that all he wants is an explanation.

In a flashback, Yong’an believes Fangxin is from Xianle and wants to kill the remaining Xianle residents but Qianqiu refuses. He recalls Fangxin’s teaching that he should protect all of his subjects. He convinces his court that Fangxin is not from Xianle and there is no point in killing the former residents. At present, Qianqiu wonders if Xie Lian wants him to suffer like him and refuses to become like him.

This has Xie Lian laughing but before either of them can say anything further, San Lang turns Qianqiu into a daruma doll and takes them to Qi Rong’s den. He also disguises themselves as the ghost’s minions so they are not caught. Xie Lian wants to leave Qianqiu out of whatever mission they are embarking on but San Lang refuses as Qianqiu needs to meet someone at the end of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Well, about time we got some Qi Rong action with his debut in Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 7. He is just a psychopathic babygirl who wants to create havoc and eat people and we are almost there, lads! Next week is about to be wild, though this does mean that season 2 will end with TGCF book 1 as they complete the Fangxin Guoshi arc.

This episode felt especially short with barely any developments but it is full of fan service moments such as Hua Cheng scolding E’ming and FengQing bickering. It also gives us more of who Xie Lian is as he solidifies his position as possibly the best donghua anti-hero, almost rivalling another iconic MXTX character, Wei Wuxian. From that unhinged laughter to his constant self-martyring, Xie Lian has a lot of baggage and it’s always exciting to see his dark past.

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