Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Gilded Banquet

Episode 5 of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 begins with Xie Lian pushing Hua Cheng as Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi fall where he was sitting a second ago. Xie Lian is apologetic and Qingxuan points out that Hua Cheng is the one who kidnapped an official. The ghost king reveals that Ming Yi pretended to be a ghost messenger for a decade and he only learned of his deception after seeing him at Banyue Pass.

Seeing that Xie Lian won’t do anything, Qingxuan builds up a storm but Hua Cheng is ready for him as he too whips out a fan with golden blades. At that moment, Lang Qianqiu breaks through the roof and attacks Hua Cheng whose scimitar glows. Before Qingxuan can warn the young god, a white light erupts and Xie Lian starts a fire.

In the distraction, Ruoye grabs the heavenly officials and Lang Ying, and escapes from the hole in the roof. Qingxuan increases the fire as Hua Cheng simply stares at them. Xie Lian stops him as he feels bad for burning the armory and Qingxuan apologises, promising to take all responsibility. He suddenly sees that Xie Lian is hurt and realises that he stopped Hua Cheng and Qianqiu by deflecting with a sword.

They reach the Hall of Shen Wu and Feng Xin immediately checks on Xie Lian. Mu Qing doesn’t think much of his injury and focuses on Ming Yi. Xie Lian tries to check on the stunned Qianqiu who suddenly accuses him of being the Imperial Preceptor of Yong’an, Fangxin Guoshi whom he killed and buried. Everyone is shocked as there are only two evil preceptors, Ban Yue and Fangxin. 

Ling Wen shows up and reveals that during the Golden Feast of Qianqiu’s 17th birthday, Fangxin killed everyone possibly for revenge as Yong’an destroyed Xianle. Pei Ming adds that no one knows Fangxin’s face as he always wore a mask. Qingxuan defends Xie Lian by pointing out that Qianqiu couldn’t have recognised him if he always wore a mask. 

Jun Wu shows up and silences everyone. Ming Yi is sent with the healers while the emperor stops Xie Lian’s bleeding. He asks for evidence and Qianqiu reveals that Fangxin had saved him from bandits when he was 12 in the same way – by deflecting two swords. And he is the one who taught him swordsmanship. This time Mu Qing points out that it is Qianqiu’s word against Xie Lian’s.

Qianqiu demands a fight to show everyone they have the same fighting style and even breaks his arm when Qingxuan says Xie Lian is injured. Xie Lian says he promised to never kill with a sword again and Qianqiu recalls a flashback of Fangxin killing the Yong’an king. At the end of Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2 episode 5, Jun Wu point-blank asks if he is Fangxin and Xie Lian says yes.

The Episode Review

Finally, we are getting more of TGCF’s Xianle trio in Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2 episode 5! Even though it is just a glimpse, one can see the different dynamics between them. Feng Xin forgave Xie Lian for breaking his palace and immediately worries for his arm. Mu Qing has been aloof since season 1 and continues to do so in season 2, but there is more than what meets the eye. 

He is snarky and a man of few words but when he speaks, it is of importance such as the indirect way he defends Xie Lian in court. By the way, look at how loyal Qingxuan is! Xie Lian definitely needs more friends like him. Despite the odds being against him, the Wind Master keeps defending him. And how ironic is it that the two evil Imperial Preceptors are just misunderstood – Ban Yue and Xie Lian. He definitely has his reasons for the Golden Feast massacre.

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