Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Earth Master

Episode 4 of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 begins with Xie Lian choking on wine upon seeing Shi Qingxuan disguised as a female attendant. San Lang worries and Xie Lian laughs it off saying for his cultivation, he should abstain from all vices like alcohol, sex and angry emotions.

He switches topics by asking about San Lang winning every time he gambles. The ghost king says luck but when Xie Lian thinks he is teasing him, San Lang reveals he has actual good luck which he can share with him. They touch hands and Xie Lian wins every dice roll. Later, San Lang gifts him the dice and leaves him for the night.

Shi Qingxuan pops up in his male form while complaining about the outfit. He also admonishes Xie Lian for playing with Hua Cheng and forgetting their mission. But the scrap god reveals he got luck and dice to unlock the mysterious door. On the way, Qingxuan warns Xie Lian from helping Junwu but the latter thinks he knows the Heavenly Emperor better. He also finds it odd that the distress signal came on the same day San Lang left Puqi Shrine.

The door opens and they head into a tunnel with Xie Lian wondering which demoted god could the Waning Moon Officer be. They reach a dead end with another dice-locked door and Xie Lian tells Qingxuan to roll. They end up in a cave, being chased by two huge worms. They find another door and this time Qingxuan rolls into a forest inhabited by a cannibal tribe.

Unable to use their magic to interfere in human issues, they run but an arrow mars the Wind Master’s face. Finally able to use his magic, Qingxuan traps the tribe in the trees. Xie Lian apologises for affecting his luck but Qingxuan laughs it off and declares working with him has been the most entertaining. With San Lang’s luck still on Xie Lian, Qingxuan tells him to roll and they are finally back on track.

They find a dungeon with a beaten-up and chained Ming Yi, the Earth Master. Qingxuan is happy to see him but Ming Yi pretends not to know him because of his indecent outfit. They bicker all the way back out as Xie Lian recalls Earth Master’s disguise as a woman alongside Qingxuan at Banyue Pass.

They roll the dice at the door but Xie Lian falls right in front of San Lang interrogating Lang Ying in the armory. Qingxuan and Ming Yi are about to fall on him and he pushes San Lang. He apologises while the ghost king looks surprised at the end of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Episode 4 has a lot of fun and hilarious moments while furthering the plot. All of the character interactions are extremely entertaining with cute HuaLian moments and Qingxuan teasing Xie Lian for flirting and forgetting about their mission. The bantering between him and Ming Yi is equally hilarious, giving very much sunshine and sunshine protector energy.

This episode also sets up a lot of future TGCF storylines like that of the demoted heavenly official, Qingxuan’s distrust of Junwu, Ming Yi’s mysterious personality and Lang Ying’s relationship with HuaLian. By the way, how cruel is that cliffhanger ending? We need more and we need it now!

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