Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Paradise Manor

Episode 3 of Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2 begins with Xie Lian noticing the ghosts beating up the bandaged boy. Shi Qingxuan and Lang Qianqiu follow with the latter beating up the ghosts. Qingxuan is fed up with Qianqiu’s rash impulses but Xie Lian instantly takes down all of the ghosts with his bandage weapon, Ruoye.

They split up to find the boy who has run off but Xie Lian loses him. The masked official, the Waning Moon Officer shows up and tells Xie Lian that Hua Cheng has invited him to Paradise Manor. Xie Lian is in awe of the place and spots San Lang (Hua Cheng) making a golden foil hall. He recalls as a kid crying over the destruction of his golden foil hall and his mother indulging him.

San Lang approaches and teases him as he says he is happy to see him even if Xie Lian hasn’t come to the city for him. He also clarifies that he pretended not to know Xie Lian so as not to get him in trouble with Qianqiu. Xie Lian asks if he wants his ring back but San Lang says it is just a trivial little thing for Xie Lian.

As they talk about Paradise Manor, San Lang says it is not his home but just a residence, unlike Puqi Shrine where he feels more at home. He also orders the Waning Moon Officer to find the bandaged boy for Xie Lian. The scrap god admonishes him for the gambling den but San Lang reasons that everyone including heavenly officials likes some action, better if he is in control.

Waning Moon Officer finds the bandaged boy who is initially afraid but gives in when Xie Lian takes care of his wounds. He finally reveals that he is from the same kingdom as Qianqiu, Yong’an. Xie Lian panics and recalls the war along with the White Cloak Calamity. He scares away the kid with his fear and rage but San Lang calms him down.

However, the ghost king is called away and Xie Lian spots the Waning Moon Officer acting suspiciously. He follows him till he is stumped in front of a locked door. San Lang finds him and he claims that he got lost. As they head back, Xie Lian asks about the issue that San Lang attended to. He dismisses it by saying it is just the inferior ghost, Qi Rong but he is easy to handle.

They reach an armory and Xie Lian is over the moon as he spots several treasures and recalls owning such an armory in the past. An amused San Lang gives it all to him, even offering to clean the weapons. Xie Lian suddenly asks about his scimitar but quickly clarifies that he doesn’t believe the rumours of it being deadly.

Turns out the sword on San Lang is the scimitar, E-Ming and it has a red eye which opens for Xie Lian. San Lang reveals that E-Ming likes Xie Lian which is rare but then scolds the scimitar for wanting attention from the god. However, Xie Lian is delighted and pets the eye.

Back in the hall, Xie Lian renames the bandaged boy Lang Ying and offers to look after him. He suddenly remembers a similar little boy with a bandaged eye and is confused by the memory. As they eat at the end of Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2 episode 3, a female attendant gives him wine and he chokes – it is none other than Qingxuan in disguise.

The Episode Review

Even though there isn’t much of Shi Qingxuan and Lang Qianqiu in Heaven’s Official Blessing season 2 episode 3, love the dynamic between them. Qianqiu’s motto seems to be hit first ask questions later while Qingxuan is completely done with him. And then there is the infamous scrap god, our little pookie really is the strongest martial god out there, even with 3 shackles he can take down the ghosts in one go. Don’t underestimate Xie Lian, guys!

As for the animation, it is breathtaking in every episode and worth a shoutout. The animators have gone above and beyond this season. Everything from Paradise Manor to the flashback in Xianle is perfect as if the pages in the novel have come to life. As for that flashback to Yong’an and White No Face, oof it is just a taste of all the angst and pain that makes TGCF much more than a comedy adventure. 

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