Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Gambler’s Den

Episode 2 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 begins with the attendant telling Xie Lian that her master, Hua Cheng is the lord of the city and that he doesn’t come to the gambling den often. Meanwhile, the player on the floor makes a scene as he keeps betting his daughter’s life. If he wins, the den will destroy his enemies.

Xie Lian is worried but suddenly, Shi Qingxuan appears in his male form and stops him. Xie Lian is relieved to see him while Qingxuan shivers with horror as he recalls the female ghosts taking him to their ghostly salon and giving him a makeover before he could escape.

Back to the floor, as the two Officials wonder what to do, Xie Lian trusts that San Lang won’t let the gambling go too far. Before the player can see the results of his betting away his daughter’s life, an indignant Lang Qianqiu (Prince Taihua) who was to be the Officials’ backup, shows up and forcefully stops the player.

He goes on a tirade about the indecency of gambling but before he can attack Hua Cheng, the ghost king easily stops him and leaves him hanging in the air. Hua Cheng also declares that whoever wins the next round can do whatever they like with Lang Qianqiu. But Qingxuan and Xie Lian are embarrassed as Lang Qianqiu continues to make a fool of himself while scolding Hua Cheng.

Qingxuan tries to be positive and tells Xie Lian to play for the lowest number so that he wins despite his usual bad luck. Xie Lian agrees and steps forward to play but as luck would have it, he rolls the highest number possible – a 12. The attendant suddenly announces that Hua Cheng is feeling magnanimous and he will play a round with the usual rules of rolling the highest number.

Xie Lian tries again but she stops him as he has the “wrong dice-shaking posture.” Everyone is shocked and confused as Hua Cheng calls him to him and holds his hands so that he can teach him how to play correctly. Xie Lian too almost falls for it as he wonders if his bad luck has been because of his posture. However, he soon realises that Hua Cheng is letting him win.

The ghost king asks what is Xie Lian betting in case he loses and the scrap god is flustered before Hua Cheng accepts a half-eaten piece of bread that he has. Lang Qianqiu starts spouting that Hua Cheng has some ulterior motive but Qingxuan throws his fan at him to shut him up. Predictably, Xie Lian wins and is allowed to take Lang Qianqiu.

But as the two princes are about to leave, Hua Cheng stops them. He comes out from behind the curtain and everyone marvels over his new disguise. However, Xie Lian realises that it is San Lang’s real form as he had promised to show it to him the next time they met. Hua Cheng asks for his prize and Lang Qianqiu once again goes on a tirade of how he was right about the ghost king.

But Hua Cheng simply reminds Xie Lian that he lost when he rolled for the lowest number on the floor and asks for the bread as his prize. He looks amused as he eats it which has Xie Lian blushing before running out with Lang Qianqiu.

The two princes rush out and into an alley before they are accosted by the Wind Master who gracefully jumps in front of them. They are all reacquainted with Lang Qianqiu being in awe that Xie Lian ascended to godhood thrice and Qingxuan berating Qianqiu for not being able to keep a low profile.

Qingxuan wonders about their next plan of action while also commenting on Hua Cheng’s new appearance as he remembers seeing him at Banyue Pass. Xie Lian comes to the conclusion that since it is not different from their previous interaction, the San Lang disguise must have been how the ghost king really looked when he was younger. As for Qingxuan’s plan, he tells Xie Lian to distract Hua Cheng as they search for the missing official.

However, the upright Lang Qianqiu says that even if he doesn’t like Hua Cheng, if he is a friend, Xie Lian should not deceive him. As they wonder what to do next, Xie Lian hears some ghosts running after a masked kid. At the end of Episode 2 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2, he realises that it is the bandaged boy with the human-face disease from the Ghost Bridegroom case.

The Episode Review

Hello, San Lang and Xie Lian are so whipped for each other that they don’t even make it subtle. Bet San Lang was internally screaming the whole time he held his gege’s hands, he would gladly take a morsel if Xie Lian offered. What is surprising is how did Episode 2 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 make it past the censorship, not that viewers are complaining.

The humour is just A-level, it is like watching a comedy if we forget about all the angst and pain certain Xianle citizens have had to go through. The episode is pretty quick-paced as well, it keeps the plot going while also including all the fluff and cute moments. Qingxuan definitely steals the spotlight from his eye rolls to babysitting Qianqiu.

Sometimes changing from the original source can mess it all up like a certain Tokyo Ghoul season. But sometimes…it even makes it better like all the individual Qingxuan scenes. Seems like the animators have a favourite TGCF character. Can’t blame them, even we love some Qingxuan. Especially when the animation is so smooth and detailed like the individual strands of hair flying when he fans himself or his expressive face when he is excited, it captures his personality perfectly.

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