Heaven Official’s Blessing – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Signal From Ghost City

Episode 1 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 begins with Xie Lian waking up alone and noticing the ring that San Lang (Hua Cheng) left behind. The Heavenly Emperor, Jun Wu calls for a meeting at the imperial city in heaven, and everyone including Xie Lian is commanded to attend.

In heaven, everyone avoids Xie Lian like the plague except for the naive and friendly Prince Taihua (Lang Qianqiu) who is now the Martial God of East, Xie Lian’s former territory which our sweet little scrap god doesn’t mind. At court, Pei Ming finally makes an appearance and is furious as he believes that Ban Yue framed Pei Jr.

He also observes that the injuries done to Pei Jr.’s clone are by the infamous scimitar which belongs to the Ghost King, Hua Cheng. Mu Qing (Xuan Zhen) and Feng Xin (Nan Yang) confirm the injuries and everyone is shocked. Pei Ming tries to hint that maybe Xie Lian is in cahoots with Hua Cheng but someone called Shi Qingxuan steps up and defends Xie Lian.

Before it can escalate, Pei Jr. takes full responsibility, much to Pei Ming’s chagrin and Jun Wu dismisses the court. Taihua falls asleep and Xie Lian is amused before waking him up. As Taihua leaves, Jun Wu asks Xie Lian to stay back and admonishes him for not staying in touch when he was on Earth.

He also reveals that despite the damages Xie Lian concurred with his third ascendence, Feng Xin secretly told Ling Wen to let it go. Xie Lian is sheepish but Jun Wu tells him to let bygones be bygones and gives him a new mission. A fire dragon signal was sent from Ghost City, a cry for help from a heavenly official.

He shares that he held court to see who was missing but the ones who are missing – Rain Master and Earth Master are recluses. Jun Wu is also worried that while Hua Cheng may be friendly with Xie Lian, he may be involved, and warns the scrap god to stay away from his scimitar. However, Xie Lian doesn’t think Hua Cheng is malicious.  

As for the mission, Jun Wu sends the Wind Master to help and Xie Lian is surprised to see that it is not the woman from Banyue Pass but Shi Qingxuan who had stood up for him in court. Wind Master reveals that he has a female disguise as his powers are stronger in that form. As they head to Ghost City, Qingxuan rants about Pei Ming, his brother the Water Master and how the two of them ascended to godhood at the same time.

He suddenly turns into a woman as it is easier to hide in Ghost City and does his best to convince Xie Lian as well but to no avail. They catch up with a retinue of ghosts who complain about their faces rotting, hoping to get a makeover at Ghost City. The ghosts spot the two gods pretending to be ghosts and things seem to be going awry till they get mesmerised with Qingxuan’s beauty.

They reach Ghost City but get separated where Xie Lian gets accosted by the ghostly hooker, Lan Chang. She refuses to let him go till he makes up the excuse that he can’t get it up. He becomes a laughingstock but escapes her. He reaches a gambling den with an atrociously written board.

People are betting on all kinds of things and an attendant tells Xie Lian that they don’t take money. As one of the players bets his hand, Hua Cheng says his hand and even his life is worthless. At the end of Episode 1 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2, Xie Lian turns to find that there is a curtained stage and Hua Cheng is sitting behind it.

The Episode Review

After years of waiting, we are finally back and it has been oh, so worth it! Right from Episode 1 of Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2, the animation is smooth and the visuals are gorgeous. You just know the artists have not skimped on any of the scenes.

While there were clearly budget constraints in season 1, TGCF (Tiān Guān Cì Fú) season 2 has gone all out. It is also closer to the novel and manhua, bringing to life the grand set-ups and following the storyline despite censorship. Oh and don’t skip the intro as it gives us a glimpse of what to expect this season. 

The comic elements are subtle but in line with the seriousness of the donghua. It brilliantly showcases the awkwardness and hilarious dynamics between the characters. By the way, why did they animate Jun Wu to look so hot? Jun Wu acts like Dumbledore of Heaven but he is extremely creepy. Xie Lian stand up for yourself, and do not let Jun Wu manipulate you! And we finally get Pei Ming! We also get a better glimpse of Mu Qing and Feng Xin.

Honestly, the artists have done such a great job bringing all fan favourites to life. Wind Master Shi Qingxuan, everyone’s new favourite character is back as well. The way he stands up against Pei and easily befriends Xie Lian is everything. We also get more backstory to the Wind and Water Masters! Really hope the donghua continues to the BeefLeaf arc so that we get to see more of the three tyrants and the Earth Master.

The season 2 premiere did spend a bit more time than required on Pei Jr.’s trial and the conversation with Jun Wu. Sure, it is the exposition for the Ghost City arc, so hopefully, the pace picks up in the next episode.


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