Heavenly Bites: Mexico Season 1 Review – This sweet treat lacks spice

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Heavenly Bites: Mexico is the latest food documentary on Netflix, starting the New Year off with a sweet but not-quite-spicy treat. Our focus here is on Mexico, and specifically on the unique and unusual dishes found in restaurants. These range from fancy drinks called Micheladas through to huge ten-tier hamburgers; this is a tour through Mexico like none other.

The problem with Heavenly Bites comes from its pacing. This show has such a frenetic, hurried energy that you barely spend any time with these different restaurants and dishes before you’re whisked away to the next. It’s the TV equivalent of a speeding tour bus; sure it’s nice to hear some facts and see the sights but you never get time to drink in the culture.

To be fair to Heavenly Bites, there’s enough variety between the episodes to keep you hooked and watching for a while. If you can take to the pace, there are a wild variety of different dishes showcased. Some of these are truly spectacular and you’ll find your mouth salivating at some of these.

The brief interviews with the owners and chefs are certainly welcome too, ranging from insightful, interesting and slightly befuddling. As an example of the latter, in episode 1 a chef bemoans that the food in France was so terrible so he was inspired to enhance that and make it his own. He ate a hotdog. In France. For anyone unaware, a hotdog is not French cuisine.

On the other side of the coin are stories where dishes are stumbled Upon by accident. One of the more humorous stories comes from an owner admitting in the Desserts chapter that he threw a whole family’s sweet treats into one dish because he felt lazy. In doing so, he created a dessert that catapulted his business. These interviews and looking at how the public react to these dishes is easily the best part of the whole series.

Overall then, Heavenly Bites: Mexico just about gets a pass as being an enjoyable documentary. It’s a brief, perhaps overly simplified look at some of the more extraordinary and interesting dishes across this beautiful North American country. Those with a sweet tooth may find a lot to like with this but those after something with a bit more depth and spice, are unlikely to find that here.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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