Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with Nick waking up on Prom day. He decides to come out on Instagram by posting a picture of him and Charlie cuddling in bed looking so in love. He then immediately goes to Charlie’s house and is welcomed with hugs and kisses. Charlie is so happy that they can officially date in public. 

They hang out in Charlie’s room checking the comments and talking about prom. Charlie is optimistic that everything will be perfect moving forward, but Nick looks worried.

Meanwhile, Tao and Elle are hanging out at her house when they see Nick’s post and are happy for them. Tao sees a pamphlet of Lambert Art School classes and realizes Elle wants to join th school. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she agrees. They seal their new relationship with lots of kisses. 

In the meantime, Tara is having a hard time organizing prom. Darcy is MIA and she begs the gang to come and help her. The gang shows up to support one of their own and make sure prom happens. 

What happens during the prom preparations?

Once the gang shows up, it is pretty much smooth sailing as they work together to set up everything. Of course, some nosy people keep asking if Nick and Charlie are really dating. Most people who saw the post have a hard time believing Nick is gay.  

Tao and Elle have a great time painting some stuff for the prom while Nick and Charlie work on the balloons. Nick worries that Charlie may have not eaten and suggests they have an early lunch. Charlie turns down the offer claiming he had a late heavy breakfast and Nick drops the matter. 

He later confides in Tao that he thinks Charlie is still in pain after everything he went through last year. Tao agrees that Charlie has been holding it in and never talks about bullying. He talks about how his dad’s death affected him and wonders whether Charlie’s trauma is manifesting differently.

Meanwhile, Tara leaves Darcy a lot of messages and tries to call but is unable to reach her. 

Coach Sigh plays Cupid and suggests Mr Ajayi invites Mr Farouk under the pretence of needing more chaperones.

What happens at Prom?

The gang meets up at the entrance and wonders where Darcy is. Tara lies that Darcy is running late and urges her friends to start the party without Darcy.  The prom is a huge success and they take photos and dance. Tao and Elle prove to be the true dancing queen and king.  

Isaac sees a book at the school library that discusses Asexualism and decides to read it. 

Tara gets nervous as Darcy continues to be late for prom and Nick comforts her. She tells Nick that she knows Darcy has a problem but doesn’t know how to help her. Darcy never wants to talk about it. Nick advises her to keep trying until Darcy lets her in. In the end, Tara decides to go look for Darcy at home. 

In the meantime, Charlie asks Nick to take him home as he is sick of all the attention he is getting at prom. He feels they focused so much on coming out, they forgot what is important. Nick is happy to oblige his request as David and his mom are not at home. They invite the gang to move the party to his house. 

Mr Farouk shows up at the party and Mr Ajayi is pleased. He asks him on a date.

Does Tara find Darcy?

Tara visits Darcy’s home and meets Darcy’s mom who claims she doesn’t know where Darcy is. She explains to Tara that she and Darcy fought over an outfit and Darcy had one of her “tantrums” and left. It is clear that Darcy’s mom is homophobic Tara leaves. 

She then gets a call from Nick telling her that Darcy showed up to the prom and they are all currently at his house. He invites her to come over. 

We learn that Darcy spent the night at a park. She felt ashamed to call Tara and asks for help. She didn’t want to appear weak or vulnerable in front of Tara. However, Tara assures her that such things won’t make her love her less. They confess their love for each other and everything between them is settled.

What happens at Nick’s House?

The gang allows Tara and Darcy to talk before joining them and partying away until it is time to leave. Charlie hangs back and Nick tries to get him to talk about the bullying he faced last year.  Charlie admits that it was extremely bad and people said so many hurtful things he started to believe them to be true. 

He admits that it was so painful he started self-harming. Nick is surprised by the depth of Charlie’s trauma and can’t help but cry. He comforts Charlie and makes him promise to tell him if he ever feels that depressed again. He assures Charlie he will be there for him and he is not a burden. 

Sarah returns home and it is late so Charlie has to go home. 

How does Heartstopper Season 2 end? 

Nick kisses Charlie goodnight and sees him off at the door. He seems worried as he shuts the door behind him.

Charlie walks a few steps and seems happy and reassured by Nick’s words. He takes out his phone and opens their chat. He types the words ‘I love you’ but hesitates to click send. 

The Episode Review

The ending certainly made us nervous, we don’t know why Charlie hesitated to send the messages. It feels like Nick is also worried about Charlie and is trying to find a way to help him but he doesn’t know how. However, he is doing a good job being there for Charlie and, that is all it takes. Nick and Charlie have great communication so whatever it is they will figure it out.

The scene where Nick listens to Charlie opens up about self-harming and then embraces him and kisses him on the forehead was perfect. It is a testament to his love for Nick and how he created a safe environment for Charlie to trust him. It was profound and touching. The same goes for Tara when she listens to Darcy with no judgement. 

Tao also displayed some great character growth when Elle confessed she wants to go to Lambert Art School. He didn’t freak out and simply supported her. Maybe realized that he won’t be losing her and it will all be okay. 

Lastly, I hope we will see more of Isaac’s story next season. We’ve barely scratched the surface of his character this season!

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