Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 7 “Sorry” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with Tara and Darcy making out in Tara’s room. Tara’s mom interrupts their make-out session and informs Tara there will be no sleepover that day. Tara doesn’t want Darcy to leave but the rules must be followed.

Meanwhile, Nick and Charlie can’t stop looking at the photos they took in Paris. Charlie gets a message for Ben asking to meet but he ignores it.

Elsewhere, Elle gets an email informing her she got into Lambert Art School and she is excited. She is also pleased to learn her piece will be showcased at the school’s ‘Here& Queer’ exhibition. She immediately shares the news with her friends. All her friends are elated for her and they plan a shopping day to get ready for the exhibition and upcoming prom. 

Tao is also in good spirits after getting together with Elle. He shares the news with his mom who is more excited about it. She runs off to call all their relatives and tell them about the good news. Of course, Elle’s news catches him by surprise but this time, he doesn’t let his fear of losing her win. He congratulates her and asks if she got a spot in the school. Elle worries about how he will take the news and lies she is yet to hear about the application. 

At the Nelson’s house, Nick’s mom, Sarah, allows him to invite Charlie and his family over for dinner since Nick’s dad will be in town. David tries to object but Sarah puts him in his place. A delighted Nick texts Charlie and invites him and his family to dinner. Tori worries their mom will not be happy to hear the news. However, Charlie is optimistic that Nick will prove his mom otherwise. As they talk, Ben keeps texting Charlie begging him to meet but, Charlie continues to ignore him. 

The gang meet up for their shopping plans in London and try to find the perfect outfits for prom and the exhibition. Isaac excuses himself to meet with James and the others tease him about a possible relationship. 

Darcy finds a suit and says she might be unable to buy it since she spent too much on the Paris trip. The rest quickly chip in and Darcy is grateful. It seems like Darcy is hiding her tough home life from her friends. 

Elle confides in Tara that she got into the art school but is yet to decide what she will do. She is worried about how Tao will handle the news. Meanwhile, Nick decides to ask Charlie to be his prom date and they plan their outfits. 

On the other hand, Isaac meets with James and lets him down easily. Isaac is asexual and has a hard time processing romantic feelings. Once he joins the gang, they tease him asking if they kissed and what happened. Isaac snaps at them and tells them he doesn’t like James. He soon leaves stating he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

The exhibition day rolls by and everyone is happy for Elle when they learn she got into the art school. 

At the exhibition, Isaac connects with one of the pieces. The artist notices him looking at it and explains the meaning. The art piece is meant to capture the artist’s experience of being aromantic and asexual. Isaac starts to grasp what he is going through and feels some sense of relief looking at the piece. 

On the other side, Darcy keeps getting texts from her mom demanding she returns home. She explains the situation to Tara. She doesn’t want to annoy her mom and worries about getting on her bad side. Tara is understanding and they promise to see each other at the prom the next day. Unfortunately, Darcy leaves before Elle’s piece is revealed.

In the meantime, Imogen and Sahar’s bickering seems to be bringing them closer.

Later, Elle unveils her piece which is entitled Safe. She says it is meant to show the place she considered her haven when things got dark. It is a drawing of her with Charlie, Tao and Isaac. Everyone gives her rave reviews and congratulates her. Tao tries to keep his fears in check and tells her he is not angry. He realizes that he wants to be with her no matter where she is. It looks like they might end up having a long-distance relationship.

The next day, Charlie and Nick run into Ben around town. Ben apologizes to Charlie for his actions in past. He explains his struggle at the time and that he couldn’t come out because of his parents. He informs them he is transferring schools and wanted to say sorry before leaving. Charlie opens up about how Ben’s actions affected him in the past. He refuses to forgive Ben but wishes him the best in his new journey. 

They then head over to Nick’s house to get ready for the dinner party with their parents. Nick asks Charlie to pretend to be a friend until he is able to tell his dad about their relationship later. Sarah reminds Nick he doesn’t owe his dad anything. 

The dinner starts well until David decides to be a prick and goad Nick into coming out in front of his dad. Nick decides to speak his truth and makes it clear he is not interested in what his dad thinks. He tells him he has no right to judge him as he has never been a present dad and therefore doesn’t know him. Nick also puts David in his place and excuses himself. 

Charlie checks up on him and Nick says he is okay. Sarah also shows her support for Nick. After dinner, Nick talks to his dad and listens to his apology. The man has no qualms about Nick dating another boy and David is disappointed that his dad didn’t side with him.

The Springs’ also take their leave but not before Tori warns David not to mess with Charlie again. Charlie’s mom is impressed with how Nick handled the situation and offers to invite the family over for dinner at their house. 

Before leaving, Charlie confirms if Nick is truly okay with them going to prom as a couple and the latter says yes. Later, as Nick helps his mom clean up, she points out that Charlie didn’t eat much. Nick worries and starts googling eating disorders.

Elsewhere, Darcy gets into an intense fight with her mom after she is caught wearing the suit she bought for prom. Her mom kicks her out of the house. Darcy grabs a few of her things and leaves.

The Episode Review

Watching Nick stand up for himself and his relationship with Charlie was deeply moving. He has certainly come a long way and Sarah has raised him to be an exceptional young man. She should be proud of herself and Nick. David is a whole other case but that is by his own choice. 

It was also refreshing to see how Charlie handled Ben’s apology. He is right, he deserves the time to decide if he is ready to forgive Ben. Forgiveness is a process and sometimes it takes a while to truly let the trauma we endured go. We hope Ben learns to treat people right and finds the courage to be honest with his parents. 

Unfortunately, it was saddening to see Darcy’s home situation. They say those who smile a lot sometimes hide the deepest pain. This perfectly relates to Darcy, she jokes and makes those around her laugh but she is hiding so much pain within. She deserves better. 

There is also Isaac’s struggle with the fact that he is asexual. This explains why he didn’t feel the same for James. It is good he met someone like him at the exhibition and realized he is not alone and there is nothing wrong with him. He processes romantic feelings differently and that doesn’t mean he can’t be happy.

As we proceed to the finale, it will be interesting to see how Charlie’s eating disorder will be handled as this is an important topic that is never discussed enough.

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