Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 6 “Truth/ Dare” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with Charlie and Nick leaving the group to meet with Nick’s dad. Charlie worries if it is okay to meet Nick’s dad but Nick wants him to tag along. The meeting turns out to be short and awkward. Nick is unable to come out to his dad, who gets a call and quickly wraps things up. He promises to come to England the following week and Nick invites him to dinner.

Nick admits to Charlie that he feels like a stranger to his dad. Since his dad moved back to France, they have not stayed in touch. Nick thinks his dad doesn’t know him and Charlie comforts him. 

They head back to the hotel and meet with the other students. Tao excitedly tells the boys about his kiss with Elle. At the same time, Elle gives the girls the details of how everything went down. Each group tries to put a meaning to the kiss and wonders if Tao and Elle should define their relationship. Charlie texts the girls inviting them to sneak out of their room and explore the hotel. 

They have a mighty grand time hiding around the hotel with their partners and making out. As these go down, Isaac feels lost, like a third wheel to all these couples. Meanwhile, Nick shares his worry about disappointing Charlie by failing to come out to his dad. Once again, Charlie assures him, he is free to come out on his own time and there is no pressure. They are about to make out when they get caught by Mr Farouk and Mr Ajayi and, are ordered to go back to their room.

At the same time, the two teachers grab a few snacks from the vending machine and start flirting with each other.

The next day, the students celebrate Tara’s birthday during breakfast. Darcy gifts her a t-shirt and apologizes for being a bad girlfriend lately. They spend the day exploring around the city. They visit the library where Isaac gets so many books. Most students take sweet couple pictures across the city and have a blast.  At one point, Charlie and Nick even feel safe to hold hands publicly.

Later that night, Charlie manages to shoo Isaac and Tao away to have some private moments with Nick before Tara’s secret birthday party. Charlie was hoping to forgo the party altogether and have fun with Nick but the latter thinks otherwise. They end up going to the party and Tara is surprised to see Darcy planned a whole party for her. She is, however, concerned by how Tara seems to be too eager to drink. 

As the party rages on, Isaac leaves to find a quiet place to read his book. He is later joined by James, who admits he has a crush on him. They kiss but Isaac suddenly pulls away, apologizes and leaves. He returns to the party and watches the rest of his friends have a great time. The drinks continue to flow courtesy of Darcy and Charlie tries it out but, doesn’t like it. 

The party is a huge success and Harry tries to get in but Tara refuses to welcome him. She clearly tells him she doesn’t want any homophobic vibes on her special day. Harry calls out to Charlie and Nick and publicly apologizes for bullying them in the past. Charlie doesn’t buy his apology and locks him out. 

Later, the kids decide to play truth and dare and it goes smoothly until someone dares Charlie to kiss James. Charlie refuses to kiss him and clarifies that James didn’t give him the hickey. They switch it to Ben, and Charlie adamantly refuses to kiss him. Ben gets in his feelings and makes a dramatic exit. In the end, Charlie opts for truth and is asked to reveal who gave him the hickey. Some of the students argue that is too personal and basically outing someone. 

As they argue, Nick comes forward and admits it was him. He holds Charlie’s hands and comes clean about their relationship. The students are surprised but happy for them. Charlie is also shocked but glad that Nick decided to tell the truth. 

Sadly, Darcy ruins the moment as she gets sick and is rushed to the teachers’ room. She pretends she has food poisoning and, vomits all over Mr Ajayi’s bed. The teachers obviously are onto them but choose to ignore the truth. 

Later, Nick and Charlie share a bed and talk about whether they are ready for sex. They decide they are not there yet and end up making out and falling asleep. Tao ends up in Elle’s bed and Isaac spends the night on the balcony. He seems sad and lonely.

On the other hand, Darcy makes a drunk love confession to Tara and sets things right between them. Darcy worries about being perfect for Tara but she assures her that she just needs to be herself. 

As the night deepens, Mr Ajayi and Mr Farouk end up sleeping together. 

The next morning, Charlie looks through the comments on Nick’s Instagram posts and worries about one of them, asking if it is true he is dating Nick.

The Episode Review

We have to admit that Charlie and Nick are good at communicating with each other. I loved how Charlie gave Nick time to feel comfortable enough to come out. The truth and dare scene was too much but it was still nice to see Nick face the question head-on. Nick and Charlie’s talk afterwards was also on point. This is probably what a healthy relationship looks like. 

On the other hand, Isaac spending the night alone on the balcony is a bit concerning. It seems his kiss with James gave him a lot to think about. Hopefully, they can get to the bottom of the issue. 

As much as we are happy for Tara and Darcy, there is this unshakeable feeling that Darcy is still hiding something. However, it is good that Tara is not forcing her to tell her. We always need to give people time to feel comfortable to trust us with things. 

Lastly, it looks like things got awkward between the two teachers after their sizzling night. Ahh! It is about to get more interesting!

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